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As an IHM artist there are certain restrictions and policies that must be followed in order for your venue sales to be accepted and credited by SoundScan. Before you register please familiarize yourself with these policies.

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Reporting Deadlines and VSS guidelines:

All critical information for sending reports in on deadline can be found directly on your VSS.  New schedule per GSD is as follows:

  • Venue Sales: Wednesday-Tuesday
    The new venue sales reporting week is Wednesday-Tuesday. Due Wednesday July 15 containing data from Wednesday July 8 through Tuesday July 14. IHM deadline is 12 pm every Wed.

  • Digital Download: Friday-Thursday reporting period

  • Internet/Mail Order: Tuesday-Monday reporting

 Tips & Suggestions:
  • Save time and assure accuracy by letting the system pre-populate your VSS with critical venue information by logging into your account, adding your upcoming shows and using the mobile app to report sales.

    • If sending VSS by scan, digital camera or phone capture, the following criteria must be met or your VSS may be rejected and must be resubmitted before deadline to report sales:
      1. Minimum acceptable resolution is 612 x 792, but we prefer your highest resolution possible.
      2. Photos must be taken at a flat angle with plenty of lighting, if you cannot read any of the information when previewing your capture, retake the photo before sending to IHM.
      3. Avoid using your flash
      4. Suggestion: IHM road warriors have found taping the VSS up to a bathroom mirror or wall makes for an easy way to digitally capture a well lit and flat angled image of your VSS.


Restrictions and Regulations:

  • To assure your sales will be eligible to chart on Billboard, follow this minimum pricing guide for all your sales prices online or at shows. Minimum sales prices should include all discounts.


    Billboard Minimum Pricing Guide

    • Albums $3.49 (Titles with 8 or more unique tracks) 
    • EPs $3.00 (Titles with 4 – 7 unique tracks) 
    • Maxi Single $1 (1 – 2 unique tracks, aka A & B side singles, with unlimited variations of Title Track A)
    • Single $1 (1 track only) 


  • The price you listed on the SoundScan Title Addition Sheet (TAS) is your MSRP. Any product discounted more than 50% below manufacturer’s list price at a venue will not be processed. Use the titles section of your Artist Control Panel (ACP) if you want to change the MSRP of your title, updates may take 3-5 business days.


    • Tips & Suggestions:
      • If selling product at a higher price point than the list price noted on your TAS, SoundScan may use that advertised price as your list price and may disqualify any sales below the 50% discount of the highest price documented anywhere online, in print or in-store.
      • Be sure to strategically price your CD from the start (find the sweet spot between making your music affordable and easy to buy without decreasing the profitability or value of your products.)
      • Consider alternatives to discounting the price of CD/DVDs such as incentives like discounts or special offers on other merchandise you have for sale.
  • Music sold at conventions and trade shows are only eligible if a ticket is sold separate from the convention ticket package. A consumer must have the option of purchasing either separately, and documented proof may be required to qualify (i.e. – promotional materials, website, landing or purchase page with proper language and pricing.)
  • Nielsen Soundscan will not process sales that occurred at these ineligible venue sites: Churches, temples, libraries, YMCAs, malls, campgrounds, public and private schools, offices, lawn and/or house concerts. If you are uncertain whether a venue site is eligible please contact IHM at least two (2) weeks prior to the event for confirmation.
  • Venue Settlement Sheets (VSS) must be legible, fully completed and submitted on time in order for the sales to be processed. VSS with missing information including but not limited to venue capacity, venue zip code, appropriate venue contact information and venue rep signatures will be returned for completion.
  • Nielsen SoundScan will not process sales that cannot be verified or confirmed with the venue representative by 5pm EST the following Monday of your show date.
  • Music that is sold at concerts prior to the albums’ release date must be sold as pre-sale orders only. See below for complete details and instructions.
  • Ticketing and Music bundling is available for digital product only; you must be a Chartbuster artist. To report bundled sales, artist must request a Music/Ticket Bundle Request Form and return completed fifteen (15) business days prior to the date your promotions begin (this is the date your show is announced or tickets go on sale.) Please note the following restrictions:
    • The consumer must have the option to purchase the ticket for entrance and the music separately under his\her discretion.
    • The price of the single ticket must be different from that of the bundle.
    • Reporting ticket and music bundling requires all promotional materials
      (website, email, flyer, radio ads, video, press releases, etc.) to clearly state the price difference and availability of tickets sold separately and bundled with a download card.
    • All ticket sales outlets online or box office must be able to sell tickets individually and bundled.
    • If you are uncertain and would like to make sure your promotions comply with SoundScan standards, send samples to or contact IHM directly at least 15 days prior to your promotional campaign start date.
    • IHM and/or SoundScan holds the right to deny any ticket/CD bundled sales if the above instructions are not properly followed.
  • Shows that occur in a retail store (in-store appearance) should be reported by the retail store along with proper advanced communication to Nielsen SoundScan.
  • Purchases made by one individual in bulk for redistribution or gifts are also ineligible venue sales and therefore will not be processed.
  • Exclusives sold at venues are not eligible to chart.
  • Neilsen SoundScan may require up to ten (10) business days to register all title additions, sales do not count until SoundScan has your UPC codes entered into their system. IHM will confirm when titles are registered and notifies all artists when they can begin reporting.


Reporting Pre-Release Sales:

IHM artists can report pre-release sales of an upcoming title by following the below instructions. Please note certain restrictions apply*:

All venue sales for advance orders of a title before its registered release date are to be reported separately on a “presale VSS” only. To request a presale VSS, you must complete a new TAS form for your upcoming release and contact IHM artist support three weeks prior to the first show date you will be taking presale orders. Once your presale status is approved, send the separate presale VSS by following the regular weekly reporting restrictions, guidelines and deadlines.

Once you have hit your release date, you can submit all releases on one settlement sheet.

*Please Note: Advance sales must be pre-order only and shipped to purchaser for arrival on or after release date. If physical product is sold at shows, SoundScan considers that to be your release date and those sales must be reported within that reporting week to be eligible for inclusion. Reporting pre-release sales requires direct approval from IHM at least 3 weeks before the first show date you will be accepting presale orders. IHM holds the right to deny any pre-sale order sales if the above instructions are not properly followed.


About Venue Representatives:

In order to help us assure your sales will be accepted by SoundScan, it is imperative you choose the correct venue representative to sign off on your VSS. Use the below guidelines when you are booking, advancing and/or loading in at your shows:

  1. Your venue representative must be employed by the venue (It is usually the person who you settle up with at the end of the night. Your VSS should not be signed off by any third party individuals such as promoters, artist managers, ticket brokers, etc.).
  2. Your venue representative should be a stage manager, bar manager, on-staff talent buyer, supervisor or director that is onsite that evening, willing to sign off and provide personal contact information for follow up by PolyPlat Records and/or SoundScan (if you have a split venue, find the general manager for their recommendation. If no manager, speak with the Soundman and/or contact indiehitmaker).
  3. Identify and establish this person before or at load-in.
  4. When you settle up with your venue rep and they sign your VSS, make sure your representative leaves email and phone with best time to call. If IHM is not able to reach this person in a timely basis, your sales may not be accepted by IHM or SoundScan.


Register with Rovi for

To ensure your album artwork and other promotional images appear on Billboard when you chart, follow the instructions for adding your information to the Rovi database:

Don't be this charting artist.

“You can mail Rovi one copy of the product along with any relevant promotional materials, such as artist bios and press releases, and email a single message containing artist and release images (in JPEG format and at least 300 pixels wide) and other promotional materials using the addresses below. Rovi adds products and other materials to their databases at their discretion. By submitting products and other materials to Rovi, you acknowledge and agree that those products and materials will not be returned to you, will become the property of Rovi upon receipt and may be used by Rovi at its discretion. All products and materials should be sent to:

By Mail:
Product Submissions
Rovi Corporation
1168 Oak Valley Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48108
By Email:
For music 



Submit your shows and tour dates to

Artist Data submits dates to critical sites like jambase, eventful and many more that assure people can find where you’re playing and the industry can easily verify your shows. Make sure you set your account up to syndicate to all outlets of your choice, the more sites the better.

Get started here:

Please Note: To syndicate dates to other calendar listings, you must configure your account by selecting the desired sites under the “Concert Databases” by clicking on the “Tools” tab  after you set up your account.


Register with a Performing Rights Organization:

If you as an artist are a songwriter as well, or have songwriters in your band that are not already affiliated with one of the major Performing Rights Organizations (PRO), have them register with one of the following PROs now:


Suggestion: When registering with BMI be sure to activate your BMI Live account so you can get paid to perform your own music live. More info here:




Send three (3) copies of each title to Billboard:

Billboard requires physical copies of your title to be eligible to chart, please send three (3) copies of each title you registered with Indiehitmaker:

Billboard Magazine
C/O Alex Vitoulis
770 Broadway
7th Floor
New York City, New York 10003

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