IHM Joins Facebook Boycott to #StopHateForProfit

by IHM on June 29, 2020

IHM Advises Artists to Join Facebook Boycott Until Social Media Platforms are Held Accountable for Proliferating Online Hate, Racism & Inequality The Facebook Boycott needs to be supported by all artists, which is why IHM is joining the cause to #stophateforprofit by removing Facebook advertising from their momentum plans until further action is taken to

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Variety, Rolling Stone Owner Invests in BuzzAngle

by IHM on August 1, 2018

Penske Media, owner of Variety and Rolling Stone, invests in BuzzAngle, pushes for rise to Billboard’s level This week we have some extremely exciting news for Indiehitmaker customers; Penske Media which owns Rolling Stone and Variety, along with publications like IndieWire and Deadline, has chosen to invest in the music charts and data company BuzzAngle. Says Penske

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IHM Artist Bob Pressner Passes Away

by IHM on February 6, 2018

Viral Sensation “King Of Nothing,” Bob Pressner Dead at 63 Indiehitmaker has some terrible news to report this week. Singer, songwriter, and our good friend Bob Pressner passed away of unknown causes January 30th at his home in Florida. He was 63 years old. Pressner was an authentic musician, known by many as a troubador

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FYC 60th Grammy Awards + Week 42 IHM Charting Artists

by IHM on October 25, 2017

IHM Billboard Charting Artists For Your consideration: 60th Grammy Awards The 60th Grammy awards will not take place until January of 2018 but the selection and nomination process is already underway. For Your Consideration(FYC) allows artists of all creeds and levels to ask for ears on their work for Recording Academy members to review and

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Catch Bram at the Charleston Music Confab 2017

by IHM on August 29, 2017

Charleston Music Confab 2017 Artist Branding panel features Bram, Aug. 31 10:45 am Charleston Music Confab 2017 in South Carolina this August 30th – September 3rd is the third and last opportunity to catch Bram this summer. Previously known as the New Music Confab, the event has been re-branded in its third year to “highlight our amazing

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Music Biz 2017 Speaker Spotlight: Bram Bessoff

by IHM on May 14, 2017

Music Biz 2017 fan engagement panel features Indiehitmaker, Merch Cat, StationHead, Jerry Lembo Entertainment Music Biz 2017 is the premiere annual event of The Music Business Association held in Nashville, Tennessee. This year they are proud to welcome Indiehitmaker founder, Bram Bessoff, Merch Cat founder Vanessa Ferrer, StationHead founder Ryan Star and Industry veteran Jerry Lembo to “the

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TAD The App disrupts album cover art

by IHM on May 4, 2017

TAD is changing the face of music forever! TAD, an award-winning design app for musicians who want to create their own cover art is this week’s featured Dropkick 12-Step Release plan partner. Their latest update will change the way everyone sees your brand. We all know that videos engage. This app allows you to not only create your

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WSAATL Workshop features Bram | IHM Artist Spotlight

by IHM on April 13, 2017

WSAATL “Music Biz” Workshop features Bram & DropkickWSAATL (Writing Sessions America Atlanta Chapter) latest “Music Biz” workshop will feature IHM’s founder & president Bram Bessoff this Wednesday April 19th, 2017. Bram will discuss how to successfully release music using IHM’s Dropkick 12-step release plan. Leave with actionable tips you can start using immediately to find your fans,

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HB-155, GA’s First Music Bill Passes, IHM Artist Spotlight

by IHM on April 7, 2017

HB-155 passes with help from GA’s Live Music CommunityHB-155 is the legislation presented by Georgia Music Partners that will bring similar tax incentives to music production that has made Georgia one of the top markets in the world for film. IHM president and founder, Bram Bessoff, led the GMP Live Music Advisory Committee supporting the grass

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SXSW17 top three IHM picks

by IHM on March 7, 2017

SXSW17: IHM’s top three things to do while in Austin1. Bring your merch to this SXSW17 official panelMerch is one of the only forms of fan engagement that ends in a monetary transaction. It is a tangible piece of your brand that fans can interact with for years to come. Though not every piece of merchandise is created equal,

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