Frequently asked questions about reporting to Soundscan and other IndieHitMaker services.

Reporting Venue Sales FAQ

  • What is Venue Sales Reporting?

    The act of reporting CD/DVD sales sold from a specific live performance to Nielsen SoundScan for inclusion in their weekly sales reports submitted to the BillBoard Charts and accessed by countless industry professionals – aka, SoundScan Live Venue Reporting. Know More

  • What are the costs of each Indiehitmaker plan?

    Dropkick CD
    $20/mo – Report your CD sales from live shows, online and mobile retail sales to Soundscan and BuzzAngle

    Dropkick Smart
    $10/mo – Report your online and mobile retail sales to Soundscan and all sales to BuzzAngle

    $0 – Report your live show and online sales to BuzzAngle absolutely free

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  • What is the SoundScan & BuzzAngle reporting week?

    SoundScan and BuzzAngle track sales weekly from Friday to Thursday in accordance to New Music Fridays and the Global release date. The reporting week covers the previous Friday thru Thursday of the current week. As an IHM registered user, you will be made aware of all the different deadlines for internet mail order, digital download, venue and mobile retail for both Soundscan and BuzzAngle.  In order for your sales to be counted for the week, you must report in a timely manner according to Soundscan, BuzzAngle and Indiehitmaker deadlines.

  • Why is there a required waiting period to begin reporting?

    The normal turnaround time for titles to be registered with SoundScan is usually 3 business days. Although we have great success getting your titles registered quickly, certain circumstances may delay registration. Sales reported during this period will not be counted so plan a minimum of one business week in advance of upcoming tours or CD releases to assure your sales will be reported.

  • What if my titles are already registered with SoundScan?

    Let us know if your title is already registered with SoundScan when you enroll and we automatically update your title addition sheets with SoundScan so you can begin reporting once you receive your Venue Settlement Sheet (VSS) from indiehitmaker.

  • Can I report advance orders of a release?

    Yes, but strict rules apply. We help you work with SoundScan to get credit for advance orders.

  • Do I have to sign a contract with PolyPlat Records/ADSD to become an IHM artist?

    The terms & conditions of your IHM agreement serves as the contract between artist and label allowing you to report directly as a PolyPlat Records/ADSD artist or as the parent to your own record label or distribution company. You are able to cancel your affiliation with the label and indiehitmaker at any time, for any reason, as long as all user agreement obligations have been met. As always, you keep total control and ownership of your copyrights, publishing and masters – we recommend you completely read the user agreement before registering.

  • Can I report download card sales at my live shows?

    Yes. As long as the download card does not offer any extras at time of download (i.e. exclusive unreleased track, etc.) you can report the sale of a single, EP or album at your live performances through our Chartbuster Program.

  • Are there any restrictions to the types of venues eligible for live venue reporting?

    Yes. Nielsen Soundscan will not process sales that occurred at Libraries, YMCAs, malls, campgrounds, public and private schools, offices, lawn and house concerts are all ineligible venue sites. If you are uncertain whether a venue site is eligible please contact IHM at least two (2) weeks prior to the event for confirmation.

    Although you can now report all church & religious facility sales directly through indiehitmaker, if you are performing at a CMTA affiliated venue, get more info here:

  • When will my sales appear on SoundScan reports?

    With the changes from Global Release Date, Soundscan reports are now released on Tuesday, appear on the Billboard Charts the same and published in the magazine the second Saturday thereafter. Reporting deadlines have changed accordingly for venue, digital and internet web mail order which can be found on our artist support page available after you register.
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  • How do I know if I get on the charts?

    Artists are notified directly by IHM when they chart on either SoundScan or Billboard. Keep in mind Billboard only reports the top 50 or less in many charts.

  • What if I want my label name to appear in Soundscan reports & charts?

    PolyPlat Records serves as the parent label to all Indiehitmaker artists. Since Soundscan no longer recognizes sub labels, all titles are registered under the parent label name by default. Those artists or labels reporting through IHM wanting recognition within Soundscan must complete a joint label registration at time of sign up to assure their label name appears in Soundscan reports and charts.   Joint Label Registration

  • Can I report sales outside of the US? What about Hawaii and Puerto Rico?

    Soundscan counts sales from within the Unites States only. This includes Hawaii, Puerto Rico and certain US colonies outside of the contiguous United States. If you are uncertain whether a venue site is eligible please contact IHM at least two (2) weeks prior to the event for confirmation.

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