Tay Clemons

Durham, NC, US


Tay Clemons

Chosen Shantavia, the artist we call Tay, is the epitome of “A Class Act”. Born in the city of Fayetteville, North Carolina. She was the first and only daughter of Elnora Johnson. She is a singer, songwriter, mother and wife. She is dedicated to perfection when it comes to her music. She is an artist who was Chosen to change the world through her illustrious sounds, magnetic personality, electric energy and her desire to be what she was chosen to be, an instrument of change. The gift of hearing from her musicians heart and sharing what she receives divinely has been her ultimate goal during her journey. Tay acknowledges that she has been endowed with a gift of song that will change, deliver and set free. She has experienced this in her own life; through her personal struggles and challenges, that there is a powerful force in music that is able to DELIVER. Though still evolving as an artist, her unique gift of music has opened many doors for her. During her previous years, Tay worked with a number of industry veterans such as Troy Patterson (Third Street Music Group, Mario) Emanuel Seal (Mariah Carey, Usher) and the Clemons Brothers (Dru Hill, Mary J. Blige, Out of Eden). All of these roads led to a place of peace in her life and music, a return to God, the gift giver who had chosen her. Married to Nate Clemons, record producer extraordinaire, who is also the co-founder of We Dream Entertainment Group with Tay. This dynamic duo have co-written several songs, one of which is titled “Why Do You Love Me”, which is on her new album “Journey To Love” currently available online everywhere. Chosen to change the world, Tay continues her journey to soul satisfaction through the receipt and release of her gift of song. She has been blessed beyond measure and her life journey continues to give her inspiration to share with the world. Expect to be transformed with her lyrics, expect to tap your feet and clap your hands when you hear her instrumental blend of sounds. For Tay, this is just the beginning. Tay says, “I anticipate my ministry will impact nations. My mission and ultimate goal is to establish a foundation that will inspire and build young women with low self esteem and past traumatic experiences, to reach for destiny and to fulfill their purpose”.



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09/27/15 Greater Yeshuwa Temple Wallace

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Journey To Love (2014)

This highly anticipated new album shares a journey that reaches the corners of the heart & inspire the soul. Tay Clemons is an artist who's style is a good balance and blend of R&B, Pop, Gospel, and Contemporary Christian.



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