Belle Rousse

Marina Del Rey, CA, United States


"Belle Rousse is an American singer-songwriter hailing from the South and now spreading her magic around Los Angeles. She is a young woman of great optimism and talent, with a boundless enthusiasm for life, and vision of setting hearts on fire all over the world with her music and her story." - Journalist John Irvin Her music career initially gained momentum when she was selected to participate in the first Alabama Talent Hunt. In a twist of fate she was cut in the third of five rounds. Her drive, passion, self-confidence, and commitment propelled her to leave her life behind to go to Los Angeles to pursue her vision. In the one year that she has been here in Los Angeles She has accomplished very much on her own in a short period of time. She performed at The House of Blues, The Mint, The Roxy, WitZend, The Guitar Merchant,The Loews Hotel on Hollywood and Highland, The Chocolate and Art Festival, The Greenpeace festival, and MANY MORE! She has been quickly and consistently working to build a following, she released her first official music video, and she is launched her first independent EP called "Expressionate". This is what music blogger John Irvin says about her latest project, “Belle covers a range of styles from folk blues to indie rock to even the occasional ethereal ballad..her songwriting delivers the widest range of moods and unleashes the most personal creativity.” Belle was by birth named, Samantha Smith. She was born January 17, 1992 on a military base in Wichita, Kansas. She grew up frequently going back and forth between Atlanta, Georgia and various small towns in Alabama, due to the fact she had a parent in each state. Although she is a Southerner, her heritage is primarily European mixed with Native American descent. Her father, Samuel Smith, is a military officer in the air force who is also a social worker for the state of Alabama. Her mother, Andrea Franklin, works for the Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta. She is the second oldest of three brothers, and a sister. Belle began singing as soon as she was capable as a child. She also quickly took to painting and writing poetry, which later shaped her style of music composition.She began writing her own songs and holding concerts on the playground when she was seven with a female R&B trio based in Atlanta, Georgia and she participated in every talent show she could.She got her first guitar at the age of twelve and began composing music just for fun, which evolved to more complex songwriting.


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