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If you listen closely, you can hear a heartbeat in the songs of Erick Baker. A warm familiar pulse of love and loss echoing from somewhere just under the surface. Written with unguarded lyrical honesty, Erick's songs are passionate confessions that reflect many of our own deeply rooted emotions and secrets. Since releasing his debut EP, It's Getting Too Late To Say It's Early, in 2008, Erick's powerful voice and deeply personal songwriting style have led listeners through music rich with themes central to the emotional cornerstones of their lives. And recently, the message of Erick's music has quickly started to spread. This medley of heartfelt insight, accentuated by strong melodic hooks and emotive vocals, drives Erick's second full-length album, Goodbye June. Produced by Ken Coomer, (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo), Goodbye June skillfully blends a divergent set of influences – rock, pop, soul, blues, country, and folk – into one seamless, signature sound that defines Erick's distinctive voice. "These songs belong to the lonely nights of my past and the many blessings of my present," he says. "They reflect the pieces of poetry that lie in the little details of everyday life." As a result, the authenticity of Erick's music is universally appealing. Uniting fans across lines of age, lifestyle and musical taste, Erick's music, once heard, simply can't be ignored. "In Love With A Lie", the opening track on Goodbye June, is a powerful example of what Baker can accomplish through song. Amidst the anger, regret, and pain of loving the person that just doesn't deserve it, comes an aching melody that echoes despair. Yet, the song offers hope. And by the end, the listener can't help but stomp their foot with the hard-earned strength and resolve found through surviving heartbreak. " I understand/But there's nothing I can do/Even though it burns me/I'm drawn to the flame in you/I know that I'll take you back/A second chance for me to make/ All of the same mistakes.....I'm on my knees/Cause I can't stand alone/The mind can't change/What the heart controls....My love has left me here blinded/And my love has locked all the doors/But I believe the truth will set me free/To say goodbye/Cause I'm in love with a lie" In anticipation of the upcoming June 26th, 2012 release of Goodbye June, Erick has been garnering attention and gaining fans across the globe. WFIV (AAA) programmer and long-time Baker supporter, Joe Stutler, is already playing two tracks from the upcoming album, and says of Erick's music , "Goodbye June is a dramatic step forward that's looking ahead to something new. 'In Love with a Lie' has a feel that gets into your head and you can't get it out". In addition to steady touring, Erick has made recent stops at the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, NC and a New Year's eve show for the US troops stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. His well received performance in Cuba has also led to confirmed tours in Europe and Asia upcoming later this year.


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