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Mikey 360 hails from Arizona and has been actively working the Hip-Hop circuit in the Four Corners’ region for nearly six years. As a musician, his goal has always been to paint a vivid picture for the listener and to entertain through emotion. Mikey 360 has always had a deep appreciation for music and draws from a diverse range of musicians to create a strong West Coast sound, smooth love songs and club songs. His path has taken him to play in California, Las Vegas and New Mexico. Mikey 360 has a great deal of support from his family to help him promote on a grass-roots level. Currently, Mikey 360 is in the studio putting together his new album. He has also collaborated on music with recognized producer, Khrys Hollywood. Due to his efforts in the Hip-Hop/R&B community, Mikey 360 has had the opportunity to work with Unique Fantasy Clothing, and most recently has been modeling for a clothing line, Unique Fantasy. His ultimate goal with his work and through his relationships is to become a major-label artist and be a household name. With his popularity in Arizona booming, he has been hosting “ Saturdays” at the Roxy Lounge Lounge in Old town Scottsdale, and his single, “Take It To THe Bedroom,” has been “Street Heat of the Week” for three consecutive weeks on Power 97.1 WIZ in Augusta GA and also Charting on the Airplay and Top Singles Billboard Charts..


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Reckless Emotions 2 (2015)EP

Upper Echelon Music (2014)360 Boi Entertainment/ISM


Reckless Emotions (2013)360Boi Entertainment


Take It To The Bedroom (2013)360Boi Entertainment




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