Sleeper Cell

Bowling Green, OH


Hailing from the hot bed rock of the Midwestern state of Ohio, Sleeper Cell is an old school hard rock band with hints of metal and a uniquely modern twist. The 5 man act formed in 2000 boasts a huge fan base. With an amazingly intense live show, Their hard driving rhythms, melodic bass lines, and solid drumming, all work to push the intensely pungent and highly lyrical vocals. The band’s opulent sound is derived from their “democratic” approach to the songwriting process. Each song is a mutually composed composition with each member having an equal percentage share in the piece. Rhythm Guitarist Andy Shedron puts it bluntly “There’s no question that each band member’s individual contribution to the songs makes for a far more interesting and zenith climax”. Composed of some of Ohio’s top musicians, the band’s line up consists of Joey (PUP)Vasquez pounding out the lead vocals, Andy (Crazy Eyes) Shedron on rhythm guitar, Les Paul (Retsel) Adams Jr. on lead guitar, Rob (Boston) Leo on bass, and Jason Parritt (Of Internet) on drums. This combination of incredibly talented musicians has molded themselves into an incredibly tight performing band putting on a show that is not soon forgotten by their fans. In 2010 their performance at RockFest, a major music festival in Cadott WI. where they shared the stage with Alice In Chains and Limp Biskit, left 50,000 fans spellbound. They have also shared stages with other national acts such as Chimaira, Sevendust,All That Remains, Drowning Pool, Trapt, Static X, Days of the New, Nonpoint, Dope, Six Feet Under, Flaw, Mushroomhead, and In This Moment and 3 Inches of Blood . Sighting influences like Metallica, Disturbed, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Pantera, and Slayer, Sleeper Cell is the real deal and is here to stay.


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Everyone's A Victim (2009)Primoris Records/PolyPlat Records



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