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Indiehitmaker’s 2017 year in review (Pt. 1)

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : December 21, 2017

Indiehitmaker Top Moments of 2017

IHM 2017 year in review

When we looked back on the last 12 months to write our 2017 year in review, we realized how much indiehitmaker and our artists accomplished. With the introduction of the IHM Momentum Plan last spring, IHM artists had more number one records and multiple weeks on the charts in 2017 than in the last 10 years combined when we first started this company. As we delve into the 2017 year in review over the next two weeks, we will look back on our best charting artists, industry breaking news and company successes. Let’s first get started with the top moments of the year.

1. Billboard Kills The Hot Singles Sales Chart

IHM was one of the first to break the story that Billboard ended their Hot Singles Sales chart with no notice over the Thanksgiving holiday. Although a blow to the presence of independent artists on Billboard, IHM has already developed new strategies to help indie artists continue to chart in 2018.

My 2017 year in review top moment is the loss of the Hot Sinlges Sales Chart. There are more changes coming that impact how artists will be charting in 2018. We are 100% ready to guide our artists to the top of the charts come the New Year.

– Bram Bessoff IHM Founder & President

As for 2017 ending in an all-time high, IHM is proud our artists dominated the last Hot Singles Sales chart ever with seven artists in total including number 1, 2, 3 & 4. A record that can never be shattered, that’s how you #makeitcount forever!

2. Carnival Studios Take Artist Performances to the Next Level with Live Music Production Workshops Led by Bram

Early this November, Bram was brought on by Carnival Cruise Lines to head workshops at their brand new facility, Carnival Studios, a 44,500 thousand square foot production space designed to accommodate Carnival’s resident artists. It was also a great year to ‘Catch Bram‘ as well, with our founder making appearances at the Charleston Music Confab, the DIY Musician Conference, the Creator Mindset Summit, and SXSW.

3. Bram Highlights Moments From SXSW 2017

Featured Panelists Kevin Breuner, Bram Bessoff, Vanessa Ferrer and Kristin Wesctott-Grant

IHM’s founder & president, Bram Bessoff, spent time in Austin this summer supporting ATL artists, moderating an official SXSW panel and meeting up with the industry’s leading pros & artists. check out some of the highlights from his adventures at SXSW 2017.

Indiehitmaker Top 2017 Artist Spotlights

2017 was a pretty groundbreaking year for IHM artists. We helped artists reach new levels of success in the industry never before seen by independent artists, most of which will be featured in next week’s Year-end Charts. Below you’ll find our artists 2017 year in review featuring a few of our best successes of 2017, but be sure to check out all of our Artist Spotlights here.

1. The Empty Pockets Succeed with Digital Music Marketing 

empty pockets Read more blogs featuring the successes of The Empty Pockets here: digital aggregation, AB testing, and fan engagement.  

2. Grant Maloy Smith Hits Pay Dirt with IHM Momentum Plan

Grant Maloy Smith Pub Photo

3. My Silent Bravery’s Smashing Success: Keys to a Strong Momentum Plan

my silent bravery hits success with Indiehitmaker momentum plan    

Week 50 Charting Artists


Mike Smith

This rocker & famed hip-hop producer returns to the charts with his latest release Pieces Of My Soul on 4 charts by reporting his direct-to-fan presales as a Dropkick Smart artist.

The Empty Pockets

The Empty Pockets return to the charts by selling physical media only of their XMas release Snow Day using the IHM Momentum Plan as Dropkick Smart Artist.

Tribal Seeds

Tribal Seeds spend their second week at #1 on Reggae Albums by reporting online sales as a Dropkick Smart artist.

My Silent Bravery

My Silent Bravery stays at #3 for the seventh week on the Soundscan Hot 100 Singles chart by selling direct-to-fan as a Dropkick Smart artist.

Zay Marley

Zay Marley is at #11 on Soundscan’s Hot 100 Singles Chart by using the Dropkick platform to make his sales count.

Morgan Riley Ft. Trenton Etris

Morgan Riley and Trenton Etris Re-Enter the Soundscan Top 100 Singles chart by using the Dropkick platform to make their sales count.


Sizzla remains on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart at #10 for the 13th week in a row by reporting live sales as a Dropkick CD artist.

For a full 2017 year in review, read all the blog posts here. You can count on Indiehitmaker bringing you more ways to #makeitcount in 2018. Have a happy & safe holiday!

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