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61st Grammy Awards Independent Artists FYC

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : October 18, 2018

61st Grammy Awards first round voting is Oct 17 – 31st.

Here are some independent submissions for your consideration

We at IHM want to wish everyone the best of luck in the 61st Grammy awards nominations round. If you are voting this year, here’s some independent artists for your consideration.

Raveis Kole

raveis kole, for your consideration

“We wanted to create a very organic, intimate and bold album to best represent our lyrics, music and who we are as artists. We feel this record does that and more, as the songs are highly accessible with elements of the unexpected,” explains Raveis Kole. “Americana/Folk is evolving to become a powerful platform for this type of music, and we believe “Electric Blue Dandelion – Nashville Sessions” fits perfectly within this structure while remaining true to our vision of creating art in music”

Jason Campbell

jason campell for your consideration

“Jason Campbell soothes your soul and makes you feel calm and at peace.”

Jason Cambell’s 6th album The Five Elements of Om Shanti Om,” his 3rd with younger sister and broadway singer Robin Cambell, and 2nd to feature the Grammy Award winning Phoenix Boys Choir, is for your consideration for Best New Age Album, Best Choral Performance, and more at the 61st Grammy Awards. The purpose of this album is to “raise collective vibrational frequency by using it as a tool for meditation,” and you can learn a little more about it here.

Grant Maloy Smith

grant maloy smith for your consideration

“I have entered the track “Old Black Roller” in the category of Best American Roots Performance. This is the signature song from my album DUST BOWL – AMERICAN STORIES. It captures the horror of the devastating dust storms, aka “Black Rollers” that rolled across the great plains of the 1930s, leaving heartbreak and ruin in their wakes. In Jeff Silverman’s studio in Nashville, we spent more time on this song than any other two or three songs on the album combined, and you can hear it in the textures and layers that bring it to life.”

Learn more about Grant’s work and listen to the track right here.

Melissa B.

melissa b for your consideration

For your consideration in the categories of Best R&B Performance & R&B Song, “Same Thing” is performed by Melissa B, written by Jarvis Edwards and Produced by O’Brian Music and engineered by Micahel Ashby.

The inspiration behind this song came from some personal situations that I encountered in my love life. I wanted to do this song to show that we as women have insecurities with love and that no relationship is perfect.

Get the single here.

The Marcus Lewis Big Band

For Your Consideration- Brass and Boujee.” 

Balsam Range with Atlanta Pops Orchestra

For your consideration in the Best Remixed Recording category, you can listen to “Mountain Overture” here.

Ruth and Emilia

ruth and emilia for your consideration

One of several works for consideration in the Best Children’s Album category, “The Spaceship That Fell In My Backyard” has been celebrated as “chock-full of musical delights and meaningful messages for kids to embrace… soaring vocals and heartfelt lyrics that celebrate diversity and inclusion…Pure fun from start to finish!”

Learn more about the album, and about how Ruth and Emilia inspire kids and adults alike to be their very best, here.

Gunnar Madsen

“Breathtaking in its delicate musicality. [Madsen is] part singer, part storyteller, part stand-up comedian who knows how to deliver a punch line” – Lynne Heffley, Parents’ Choice Awards

For your consideration for Best Children’s Album, Gunnar Madsen has delivered a delightfully quirky album in “I Am Your Food,” learn more here.

Hopalong Andrew

hopalong andrew for your consideration

“A former New York City Urban Park Ranger, Hopalong Andrew celebrates the value of nature and the richness of city life — its energy, diversity, and sense of possibility — with the fun-loving “can-do” spirit of the American West.”

For your consideration for Best Children’s Album- listen to “Howdy Do! Songs of the Urban Cowpokehere.

Alex Otey Trio

For your consideration for Best Improvised Jazz Solo, “Writing mainstream works that have received acclaim within the Jazz, Pop, Americana and Children’s genres, Alex Otey has blended a ‘Jamie Cullum meets Antonio Carlos Jobim’ groove across this light-hearted Vocal Jazz style song!”

Check out “Love Matter More” over here.

Douglas Knehans

For Best Classical Compendium at the 61st Grammy Awards- Douglas Knehans.

Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats

For your consideration for Best Children’s Ablum, Lucy Kalantari and the Jazz Cats’ “All the sounds” is jazz age inspired music for kids and families. Enjoy it here.

Damian Wyldes

“I took an organic approach to this song and had no digital instruments. With much authenticity: Upright bass(bowed), violins, trumpet, acoustic guitar, and powerful vocals.”

For your consideration for Best Song in the American Roots category, check out “disengage” here.

Shashika Mooruth

shashika mooruth 61st grammy awards

“Heart to Heart is a through-and-through testament to love. Shashika Mooruth shares a timeless journey, from puppy love to the pain of separation. Her voice elegantly renders each musical chapter with affecting emotion. Brava!”

For Best World Music Album, Heart To Heart

Dylan Berry

For your consideration for Best Children’s Album- “Badanamu”

Rachael Sage

rachel sage for your consideration

For your consideration for many categories including Best Alternative Music Album, Best American Roots Performance, Best Recording Package, and Best Arrangements, Instruments, and Vocals, you can stream Rachael Sage’s “Myopiahere, and learn more about Rachael here.

Heidi Breyer

“There are a lot of new albums released every year, but once in awhile, one comes along that is truly an artistic event. Heidi Breyer’s Moonlight in Empty Rooms is one of those.” -Kathy Parsons, Reviewer

“Moonlight In Empty Rooms sets the standard at a high level for instrumental new age and classical recordings. This is as good as it gets.” -Keith Hannaleck – New Age Music Reviews.

For consideration in Best Contemporary Instrumental Album, Heidi Breyer’s Moonlight In Empty Rooms

Nicki Kris

For your consideration in Best Rock Song, Heartbeat” was recently named a semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest and also recently earned a Global Music Award Silver Medal for Female Vocalist and Lyrics/Songwriter.

Kitt Wakeley

“This was my first time writing a full-length orchestral body of work, so it was three years in the making,” said Wakeley, who wrote, played piano and keyboard and co-produced the album. “You know something might have great potential but then you hear it for the first time being performed by an international, award-winning choir and orchestra, it becomes totally overwhelming. Then add iconic guest artists you grew up admiring, and the chance to perform it live for the first time in your home state, and it all makes ‘Midnight in Macedonia’ the greatest experience and achievement of my music career.”

For your consideration for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album, Kitt Wakeley presentsMidnight in Macedonia.”

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