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A3C panel giving hundreds in prizes for your best merch. More charting artists.

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : October 6, 2015

Enter. Attend. Win. Best Merch of A3C. 

IHM, Merch Cat, and LOUD will be hosting an interactive panel/workshop at A3C this weekend. The panel/workshop “Win More Fans, Sell More Merch, Make it Count in 2015” is slotted to be on Friday, October 9th at 5:30pm in Suite One (Loudermilk center). There will also be a best merch contest that panelist Bram Bessof, Speech, Fazal “Foz Rock” Syed, Vanessa Ferrer, and Sam Tesh. More below.


Ever buy a house with your Spotify checks? Take a vacation with your Soundexchange royalties? Paid your rent with profits from itunes? In today’s music industry the most valuable and profitable revenue stream you have is directly with your fans. Join this panel of experts and learn how to immediately maximize your direct-to-fan sales online and at shows by converting fan engagement into transactions that can be reported to Soundscan putting you on the Billboard charts. The conversation begins with discussing the tools and strategies needed to effectively run direct-to-fan marketing, merch management, and sales reporting. Followed by a workshop where participating artists will present their best merch and receive actionable tips before the panel picks winners and the “best of Show” for valuable prizes from our sponsors. To enter, tweet @indiehitmaker a pic of your best merch piece or email it to Attend the panel to win. 



IHM Artist Kadeshflow releases anime epic at A3C

Nerdcore artist Kadesh Flow has created an Otaku Hip-Hop epic masterpiece EP with Producer Atlas centered around the Japanese Anime series One Piece. “We Are the Faithful” hits the streets this Friday at the height of A3C. Listen and purchase here.



Gavinchi Brown charts week of release 

Gavinchi Brown released his double album “Volume True: The Truth” this past week reaching #11 on Billboard’s Reggae Album chart by reporting venue sales from his current US tour. You too can chart on Billboard, start reporting your live show sales and make it count with Indiehitmaker.


First week with IHM and Shakila hits the charts

Shakila joined IHM service last week and is now on the charts in her first week hitting #6 on Billboard Heatseekers- Pacific with her English speaking album “11:11 City of Love” by reporting her digital download sales. Originally a persian musician, Shakila went international in 2012. Since then she has been awarded the Persian International Artist Award, and Is consistently selling enough music from her website to chart weekly.


J Metro stays on the charts week 2

J Metro remains on the charts with his latest single “Midnight Dreams” backed by Spaced Out Magazine, who brought him in to showcase at their premiere in Atlanta this week.

Report your online and live show sales, sell enough and get on the charts. Get started.

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