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AB Testing is the secret to your success: The Empty Pockets (Pt. 3)

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : August 3, 2017

Josh Solomon Secret to Success is AB Testing

AB testing leads off our third feature blog on The Empty Pockets, but our first in a series following the release of their upcoming album, Voices, an eight song concept album accompanied by a unique tour. The album is currently in the pre-order stage of release, and we will be following the band through a series of blogs as they release and support this album.

empty pockets win with ab testing

When The Empty Pockets put their new sales model into practice they relied heavily on AB Testing. Josh Solomon dedicated six months to studying the subject. Then, after putting what he learned into action, managed to get a decade old record onto the charts for two full weeks. Now that he’s proved the model works. This time, Josh wants to see a much bigger result on a totally new album.

“Making this album, from an artistic standpoint, was the easiest and the most fun we’ve ever had making a record.” Josh excitedly tells me over the phone, “Because we knew exactly who we were making it for, we weren’t thinking about the “market” or what’s on the radio, we were thinking about the twenty-six thousand people on our mailing list. AB testing will help us craft the winning message to sell more music tom ore of our fans.”

The main ingredient in their formula was effective use of AB testing. To be effective, AB testing needs to have a strong hypothesis: a good AB test has a dramatic enough difference that you’re sure to see results. “Your worst case scenario is that the data is the same,” Josh explains, “but if you have a strong enough hypothesis, you can still derive value.”

ab testing puts the empty pockets on the charts

There are two big lessons to learn when it comes to effectively using AB testing. The first is that any, even a little, is better than nothing. Though the most popular way to go about testing is through a number of online services like clickfunnel, mailchimp, wordpress and samcart. Keep in mind each service has its individual pros and cons and the principles can be applied in many ways in the real world.

The second is that the process is never-ending. AB Testing is fundamentally about optimization while at the same time understanding that there is no truly optimal result. Josh who, interestingly enough, went to college for ballet, compares it to the words of his ballet professor who said the art was, “the pursuit of perfection, but it would be a shame if we ever found it.”

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