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Arielle Builds Major Momentum Working With Indiehitmaker

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : March 28, 2018

50 Date Tour with Eric Johnson, 6 Weeks on the Charts, Thousands of Records Sold, Here’s What’s Coming Next for This Rising Star

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Arielle is ready to take over the world. After many astounding opportunities opening for many incredible artists like Heart, Joan Jett, and Gregg Allman, her most recent tour with Eric Johnson was one for the books. Why? Arielle told us in her own words.

“This tour changed me as an artist by allowing me to understand the importance of what it is that I do and how it affects people on a deeper level – it’s a really wonderful thing that I get to share with people.”

The tour was ambitious at 50 national dates, around half of which were sold out. Arielle was feeling unsure until she started her partnership with IHM. “Before, I didn’t know who I could call to utilize the opportunity I had with my career and I wish I had found Indiehitmaker earlier because firstly, it helped me feel prepared.”

Arielle particularly benefited from live music production headed by Indiehitmaker Founder Bram Bessoff’s expertise. “I had a set put together, my team aligned and everyone on the same page months in advance. That helped me create a fantastic foundation for the road. I was more prepared than anyone else on the tour because I did the homework and had Bram and IHM to support me. It’s easy to forget the live performance element and now people ask me all the time if they should work with a performance on coach on their live show and I’m like ‘um yes,’ I’m never gonna go on a tour without working with Bram again.”

The preparedness Arielle was able to develop with Indiehitmaker was a huge success on the road. “In fact, the only thing that we weren’t expecting to happen was that it ended up going better than we thought.”

How much better than they thought? “Well before we went out, we thought if we could sell 1,200 CDs on tour, we’d be happy. We ended up selling 1,800 in presale numbers and the number that we sold on tour is approaching 5,000.”

“The biggest reason for surpassing expectations was definitely the set we put together. As the tour went on, I got better at performing the set and I was really able to let go, allowing me to truly connect with people.”

“It’s easy to forget the live performance element and now people ask me all the time if they should do that and I’m like ‘um yes,’ I’m never gonna go on a tour without working with Bram again.” – Arielle, Artist

Arielle’s guitars are becoming more and more important to her career. Aside from being an accomplished player, her hand-built signature model, Two Tone, has been developing some notoriety of its own on the road and inspired Arielle to start work on her own signature guitar line. What makes these guitars unique, along with the originality and spirit of the woman behind them, is that they will be one of the first guitar lines ergonomically designed for women, alongside St. Vincent’s Ernie Ball line.

In the changing landscape of the music industry, empowered women are taking over in a way they never have before, and Arielle finds herself approached by many parents of young girls. “I think it’s hard for a lot of fathers and parents in general to find a positive influence role model for their daughters,” Arielle says, at the close of our conversation, “I’m a safe person for parents to come up to and say, ‘that’s so cool that you got here because of your talent,’ I’m approachable and I think people connect with that- with being genuine and being the kind of person that’s a good influence for the kids and someone you want to look up to.”

Arielle opens for Eric Johnson

Arielle’s tour with Eric Johnson was a smashing financial success: Total gross: $52,000 Records sold: 1,684 in online physical and digital sales + 2,485 venue sales = 4,169 total records sold. Merch sales (shirts, stickers, posters, guitar picks): 76% profit Social numbers post tour: 70k Facebook 36K Instagram 17K Twitter Fans Acquired: 2,650 emails

Arielle Boosted her career with IHM and Dropkick, find out what Dropick can do for you and how to get started here.

Week 12 IHM Charting Artists


Arielle stays on the Americana/Folk Album Sales charts in her 6th week on the Billboard charts by reporting her sales as a Dropkick Artist.

Dynamite Dylan

Dynamite Dylan rockets up the competitive Pop songs charts and enters Digital Song Sales by reporting online direct-to-fan sales as a Dropkick artists in conjunction with his social momentum.

Dave Weasel

Indiehitmaker is not just for music artists! Dave Weasel gets the Hot Shot debut and claims the #1 spot by reporting online sales of his latest stand up comedy album as a Dropkick Artist.

My Silent Bravery

My Silent Bravery’s newest single stays high on the Rock Digital Songs chart and enters the Hot Rock Songs chart by reporting direct-to-fan digital sales online as a Dropkick Smart artist.

Coffey Anderson

By reporting live album sales with IHM, Coffey Anderson charted on Heatseekers Albums and South Central chart as well as Independent albums proving that IHM helps you #makeitcount on the charts.

Stan Medley

Stan Medley debuts with the #1 spot on the Billboard Jazz Digital Song Sales chart by reporting online and presales as a Dropkick Smart artist.

Emcee N.I.C.E

Emcee N.I.C.E remains high on the Soundscan Top 100 Singles chart for his 6th week with his new release by reporting online and mail order sales as a Dropkick Artist.

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