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Bob Pressner is a viral sensation – Artist Spotlight

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : May 24, 2017

Bob Pressner single resonates with America

Bob PressnerEight years before the September 11 Terrorist attacks, on February 26 1993, a massive 1,200 pound bomb was detonated in the basement of the World Trade Center. Bob Pressner, a Wall Street commodities trader at the time, was so affected he quit his day job and dedicated himself to writing and performing music, finally realizing the dream he’d had since he was 17 years old.

With eight albums to his credit, some consider him to be the “first great troubadour” since Paul Simon and James Taylor. Pressener’s music is authentic, honest, and gives his fans something to makes them “think and reflect, something that’s different from the stuff that’s out there”

Pressner’s music carries substance and significant messages along with stick-to-your-ribs melodies. Having travelled across the country for 20 years, Pressner has seen all sides of the American experience and he brings that to the forefront in his new album. Born from a midnight revelation and recorded in a bedroom closet, American Dream tackles the divisiveness of the Trump presidency, and the resulting state of the country. His recent youtube hit music video depicts violence between pro and anti-Trump forces to the tune of 12 million hits, and the album itself debuted at #12 on the billboard charts. With America on “lockdown”, and daily “showdowns” in the streets, in our courtrooms, and in the media, this video and message, produced and edited by Kurt Zendzian, is timely and impactful.

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You can purchase the album at Bob’s official website here.

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