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Artist Spotlight: Sybarite5 and the Forward Festival. Donate Today!

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : April 11, 2014

Recently IHM artist Sybarite5 have launched a kickstarter to fund and the “Forward Festival” which the group bills as “The First Portable Chamber Music Festival”

Who is Sybarite5?

press_banner.jpgSybarite5 is a String Quintet that blends classical with contemporary (their influences range from Mozart to Radiohead). Currently based out of New York. A snippet from their bio goes more indepth:

Their rock star status… is well deserved. Their classically honed technique mixed with grit and all out passionate attack transfixes the audience...” That is how The Sarasota Herald Tribune described SYBARITE5, the first string quintet ever selected as winners of Concert Artists Guild International Competition in its 60 year history.  Comprised of Sami Merdinian and Sarah Whitney, violins; Angela Pickett, viola; Laura Metcalf, cello; and Louis Levitt, bass, SYBARITE5 has taken audiences by storm all across the US, forever changing the perception of chamber music performance.  From the moment their bows hit the strings, this quintet of talented, diverse musicians takes the audience on an exciting ride that engages the senses and redefines the rules.

From Mozart to Radiohead, SYBARITE5’s eclectic repertoire and dynamic performance style is turning heads throughout the music world: “[SYBARITE5] excelled at the exquisite…[playing] with relish, a sense of comfort, and a frisson of missionary zeal” (The Washington Post).  Their five-track EP disc, Disturb the Silence, features music by Radiohead and Piazzolla, plus two original works written for the quintet, and it made its debut at number 11 on Billboard’sClassical Crossover chart.”


Starting out with 5 shows in Sarasota, Florida, they seek to eventually expand the festival to other states and eventually the world. They successfully funded a previous tour via Kickstarter and raised over $10,000 to fund their last tour.


So what do they sound like?

To put it simply, amazing. Here’s a couple clips:

You can check out their entire discography on iTunes

How do I get involved?


You can help out by donating to their Kickstarter page (at the time of publication). They have multiple tiers and rewards set up and the great thing about donating is that Sybarite5 is also registered as a 501c3 Nonprofit, meaning anything you can give is also tax deductible. Can’t help out financially? Spread the word! Every little bit helps to #MakeItCount! Follow Sybarite5 on Twitter and check out the Forward Festival website for the latest updates.


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