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Bop Boyz keep climbing the charts! This time debuting on Billboard!

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : May 10, 2014


Bop Boyz keep making great progress in their careers as “Get Fucked Up” has debuted on the Billboard Hot Singles Chart at No. 10

Getting your track on the charts (especially as an indie artist) takes much persistance and dedication. It does not happen overnight. While there is no sure-fire formula for success, I had the opportunity to get some insight from Bonkers, 1/3rd of the group and shares production duties with P. Scrilla on how they’ve been able to make headway:

“When it comes to pushing a single it’s like taking care of a new born. You can’t spend one day not promoting it and getting the word or product to people.  We actually been working the single ‘Get F*cked Up’ for about  5 months now after we released it on iTunes. Sales were good, but we was competing with hundreds and thousands of artist that was signed to major labels and we couldn’t compete.  So we said we have many people see us perform it so let’s sell it to them real fans at the show.  Once we hooked up with indiehitmaker it allowed us to count the sales from the shows that most indie artist are missing.  Most indie artist could benefit from getting live sales counted because it puts them on the charts and makes their resume look much better.”

We wish them much continued success. Get your copy of “Get Fucked Up” and check out other Bop Boyz projects on iTunes and give ’em a follow on Twitter.


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