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Catch Bram at the DIY Musician Conference 2017

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : August 23, 2017

DIY Musician Conference 2017 Merch Workshop features Bram

DIY Musician Conference 2017 bannerDIY Musician Conference 2017 brings the next exciting opportunity to catch Bram live this weekend 8/25-8/26  in Nashville, Tennessee. Attendees to the sold out CD Baby annual conference will learn amazing and actionable ways to make their merch count on and off the road during this special workshop sponsored by our partners at Merch Cat.  

“The CD Baby DIY Musician Conference 2017 is a critical resource for the independent artist.” says Scarlett Flynn of Running Red Lights, calling it, “the best, most engaging, most relevant music conference we have ever attended.”

With dozens of speakers and over 1,300 artists in attendance from all over the world, the DIY Musician Conference 2017 is one of the top opportunities in the business to learn about taking control of your music, connecting with fans, and building a successful career in the independent music industry. DIY Musician Conference 2017 official poster Bram will be a guest featured speaker of Merch Cat’s Your Brand To Your Fans – Making Music Merchandise Work For You along with Vanessa Ferrer, Founder/CEO, Merch Cat and Karen Corzine, coowner, Gas Money Merch. The workshop is split into two sessions, Part 1: Merch Basics will take place  3:30 PM Friday 8/15, and Part 2: Merch Strategy at 2:00 PM Saturday 8/26. Session one will be focused on the basics including talks on branding, the dos and don’ts of merch design, building engaging merch displays, what products sell best, and much more. Session two will expand and focus on aspects of merch strategy such as how to track sales, drive profits up to 600% and when to expand merch lines, and more. DIY Musician Conference 2017 participants are highly encouraged to bring their stories, questions, and merch samples to the sessions. Best of show merch will win valuable prizes.

This week’s IHM Charting Artists

My Silent Bravery

my silent bravery billboard charts My Silent Bravery hits two new digital song charts as their momentum continues to build under the IHM Momentum Plan.

The Doubleclicks

the doubleclicks billboard charts love problems The Doubleclicks’ latest release debuts at #1 on the comedy album chart as they hit 11 other charts including #4 on the heatseekers albums by reporting their crowdfunding presales and direct-to-fan first week sales as a Dropkick Smart artist. Here’s what the artist had to say:
I am really, really excited to be charting on BIllboard again. As an indie band, we are super fortunate to have the support of our listeners who give us lots of amazing feedback and support. It’s a wonderful community. But it’s very rare for us to get recognition from anything mainstream, so hitting the charts is a rare and beautiful moment we get to point to and say “hey, we’re a big deal!”  
– The Doubleclicks


sizzla i'm yours billboard charts IHM welcomes the reggae star as his latest record debuts at #3 on the reggae charts by reporting his live show sales.

Kickin Valentina

kickin valentina Kickin Valentina’s latest release debuts on 5 charts thanks to reporting online & live show sales as a Dropkick CD artist.

Grant Maloy Smith

grant maloy smith dust bowl billboard charts Grant Maloy Smith stays relevant on over 15 charts including the addition to the emerging artists his 9th week on Billboard. Grant is driving traffic and selling digital music with the IHM Momentum Plan.

The Shape

the shape the world away billboard charts The Shape spend their second week on the charts with their latest release by reporting direct to fan sales using the Dropkick platform to bundle digital music to physical merchandise.

Art Tawanghar

art tawanghar billboard charts buddha lounge Art Tawanghar remains #1 New Age albums 4 weeks in a row and enters into the Top Current Albums on his 5th week on the charts using the IHM momentum plan.

Tre Principesse

tre principesse billboard charts Tre Principesse re-enter the classical charts by reporting their online mail order & venue sales as a Dropkick CD artist.

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