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Get Your Music Heard: Interview with the Music Marketing Guy

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : December 14, 2017

Indiehitmaker Talks Release Planning With Dropkick Partner Corey Koehler, Music Marketing Guy

Dropkick is Indiehitmaker’s platform for artists to plan, release, and sell music where you remain in total control of your rights and keep 100% of the profits. Indiehitmaker partners with many independent industry professionals to assist with the process. This week’s featured Dropkick partner is Music Marketing Guy Corey Koehler, founder of MusicGoat a website that helps you get more fans, build buzz and generate more sales. We sat down with Corey recently to talk about how he became the Music Marketing Guy, his goals for MusicGoat, and what the future holds.

Tell us how you got started in the music biz?

I was looking for a project to start online. I decided to leverage my lifelong love of music and started blogging and podcasting. At first, it was just reviewing and playing music but eventually decided to jump in and start creating and marketing my own.

What is MusicGoat and how did you become the Music Marketing Guy?

After I started creating and marketing my own music I naturally started talking about my experiences on MusicGoat. Many of the musicians that read the blog and listened to the podcast started asking if I could share more information. So I did. MusicGoat was started with the premise that all good music should be heard so offering marketing advice was another way to help make that happen. Soon I became known as the and Marketing Music Guy and it stuck.

music marketing guy

I try to help musicians focus on identifying the “right” fans for their music and building a relationship with them so that they are more likely to want to support them.

– Corey Koehler, Marketing Music Guy,


What is one of the biggest challenges you think indie artists face in today’s music industry?

Finding fans willing to provide monetary support. There is so much music out there and with all of the free (or close to free) options out there, fans just do not see the need to pay.

What are the solutions MusicGoat brings to the table to alleviate those problems?

I try to help musicians focus on identifying the “right” fans for their music and building a relationship with them so that they are more likely to want to support them.

How do you define success in today’s music industry?

To me, success is being able to earn enough to support the recording of new music and maybe put a few bucks in my pocket. But there are many levels. I think the biggest thing is being clear on what you want. If it’s enough just to create and release music to people who will love it, then that is a success. I think the big mistake is when people trying to make it in music today get fame confused with success. They are two totally different things.

If there was one piece of advice as the Music Marketing Guy you want IHM artists to know, what would it be?

Build an email list!

Any predictions from the Music Marketing Guy for 2018??

Hmmmm… not sure this is a prediction or wishful thinking BUT I think you will see blockchain technology becoming more and more important. There will be more options to accept payments via cryptocurrency. And there will be more options to facilitate real-time royalty and sync licensing payments direct to creators (less middlemen).

Find out more about the Dropkick Release Plan here, or learn more about our release planning sessions and set up an appointment with a Drop Sherpa here. See how Indiehitmaker and MusicGoat can help you today!

Week 49 Charting Artists

Icarus The Owl

icarus the owl billboard

Icarus The Owl makes their debut on the Billboard Charts, Heatseekers- Mountain and Heatseekers- Pacific by reporting live show sales as a Dropkick CD artist.

Lyceum Philharmonic

lyceum philharmonic billboard

Syreeta Thompson on multiple Billboard Charts for the 12th week in a row by using Dropkick and reporting live sales as a Dropkick CD artist.


sizzla billboard reggae

Sizzla remains on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart at #7 for the 12th week in a row by reporting live sales as a Dropkick CD artist.

Syreeta Thompson Trumpetlady

syreeta thompson billboard

Syreeta Thompson remains on multiple Billboard Charts for the 12th week in a row by reporting live sales through indiehitmaker and using Dropkick to make it count.

Boonie the Kid

boonie the kid soundscan

Boonie the Kid jumps from #28 to #11 on the Soundscan Hot 100 Singles Chart by reporting online sales as a Dropkick Smart artist.

My Silent Bravery

my silent bravery soundscan

My Silent Bravery continues to take #3 for the third week in a row on the Soundscan Hot 100 Singles chart by selling direct-to-fan as a Dropkick Smart artist.

The New Nature

the new nature soundscan

New Nature kick off their presale campaign by debuting at #13 on the Soundscan Top 100 Singles by selling mail order and digital downloads direct-to-fan as a Dropkick Smart artist.

Zay Marley

zay marley soundscan

Zay Marley debuts on debuts on Soundscans Hot 100 Singles Chart at #10 by using the Dropkick platform to make his sales count.

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