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Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Count on the Charts

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : March 3, 2020

Crowdfunding Campaign Tips to Make Your Next Release Count on Billboard

Make it count on the charts with a Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowdfunding campaign still remains a viable way to get your next release off the ground without going into debt. But you must set it up properly before starting your campaign, or else your music sales may not help you get on the Billboard charts.

In 2019 we saw so many changes in the music industry that in 2020, it’s almost unrecognizable. Not only has streaming been one of the catalysts to these changes, but Billboard has confirmed the importance of doing your homework on understanding how to increase your chances of charting. Check out our recent blog to learn more about the changes here. If you take away two things from reading this blog, they should be that:

1) Having a blueprint, what we call your vision for a successful release, especially when using a crowdfunding campaign needs to be carefully thought out and…

2) It is of utmost importance to get professional help to create a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Your music is more than just a product. You put countless hours, blood, sweat, tears and of course lots of money into every release. It is a major part of you. But every musician must remember that making music is how you have chosen to make a living, so treat it like a business. A Crowdfunding Campaign can play an important role in building momentum and raising funds to make it happen, but don’t jump the gun. Consider the following.

Hope is the wrong strategy for a successful crowdfunding campaign

First, start with the right mindset. In today’s industry, it is smarter to spend more on promoting your music than recording it. Learn a little more about why this more important in 2020 from our previous blog here.

Next, if considering crowdfunding and you want to debut on the charts, there is a strategy to making sure your music sales are going to count on Billboard. One of the major changes we saw in the first month of this year was the deletion of many sales charts that made it easy for Indie artists to chart on Billboard (learn more here). On top of that, Billboard has strict rules, some new and some old, for what counts when bundling your products together, especially for a crowdfunding campaign. Just a few of their policies to be aware of include bundling your music with merch or high dollar experiences and the old staple of selling a digital and physical CD together, which only counts as one sale. For details and strategies to maximize crowdfunding sales while complying with Billboard regulations, there is one more simple and cost-effective step. Join Indiehitmaker!

 A Successful crowdfunding campaign brings momentum and happy artists

 We are here to help you navigate these rules and optimize your crowdfunding campaign for charting, but you must work with us before you start. When you become a dropkick release artist, you receive a complimentary kickoff session where we will tell you the ins and outs of using crowdfunding to chart and provide you first steps for setting up a successful campaign. We will also be able to help you navigate crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, gofundme and others that do not automatically report to Soundscan now that Pledge Music is no more. Or we can show you alternatives to a crowdfunding campaign that can put more cash in your pocket from the start.

IHM is eager to help you #makeitcount. Click here to get started.

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