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Free Streaming Promotions, Get Paid with Indiehitmaker

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : July 12, 2019

Free Streaming Promotions from IHM Makes You Money Every Month

generate revenue with Indiehitmaker's free streaming promotions

Free streaming promotions from Indiehitmaker is a new way for artists to build long-term recurring revenues, fund careers and even generate unimaginable wealth. It begins with your music catalog, and Indiehitmaker can help.

During your quest to create and release your next chart-topping hit, do not discard any of your songs. Instead, keep them so that your music catalog (aka back catalog), as well as the cash in your pocket, can grow.

Your music catalog is an appreciative asset. With this asset, you have multiple options. You can sell it to publishers, finance it through IHM affiliated partners, or best of all license it to us and keep collecting checks month after month using our free streaming promotions plan.

Every song you write is valuable, so think quantity when it comes to building your music catalog, especially your back catalog. In this day and age, home recording is cheap, accessible and yields high-quality results. Utilize these tools to record those songs you’ve written but yet recorded at a quality that is streamable without spending a ton of money so you can start generating income from your back catalog with Indiehitmaker’s free streaming promotions.

build your music catalog affordably with a home studio to start generating income using IHM's free streaming promotions

This recording strategy can also be applied to new releases not intended for your back catalog as you will be using this music to build your momentum. Spending less on your production provides you more money for promotions which is the secret to growing your career and getting on the charts. The success of Billie Eilish’s latest album, when we all fall asleep, where do we go, can be attributed to this strategy. Read more about the importance of setting a promotions budget for new releases in our previous blog here.

IHM free streaming promotions gets your music catalog listened to on mobile devices

Streaming is a numbers game that provides you a couple different strategies depending on your goals. For momentum building, the focus is to get many streams on one song or a newly released album, however, competition is stiff and budgets are too high to compete with major labels and well-established artists, especially when promoting singles. For those artists who are unsigned or don’t have the budget, a revenue-building strategy may be a better place to start. This will lead to an income that could support the budgets necessary to build your momentum.

Which brings us back to building your music catalog. Many songs getting a good amount of streams is just as effective in generating revenue as a hit and easier to accomplish for the majority of artists hustling today. Licensing your music catalog (back catalog or newly recorded music not intended to build your momentum) with Indiehitmaker’s free streaming promotions could generate on the average $2 per song per month with no out-of-pocket costs to you.

get more streams with IHM's free streaming promotions

So we challenge you to think of a new goal. Create a 100 song catalog. In 3-6 months after licensing and distributing with our free streaming promotions, you could be pocketing $200/mo in recurring revenue. But don’t stop there. Build it to 500 songs ($1,000/mo), 1,000 songs ($2,000/mo) and ultimately 10,000 songs which could garner a whopping $20,000 a month.

As a result of building your music catalog and using Indiehitmaker’s free streaming promotions, cash will find its way into your hands in a few different ways. As mentioned earlier, you get the recurring monthly revenue after waiting the industry standard 3-6 months for the DSPs (Digital Service Providers to pay your aggregator who then, in turn, pays you – a very slow process). When you start making $4,000 or more in annual royalties, you can then finance your future royalty payments to get cash in hand now without losing ownership or going through those pesky credit checks normally tied to traditional bank loans. Another option is to sell your catalog, which is a publishing move that ultimately ends the revenue stream but can yield large payouts. Regardless, both financing and selling require you to build the value of your music catalog first which brings us back to licensing your music to Indiehitmaker so you can take advantage of our free streaming promotions offer.

license your home recordings using our free streaming promotions to generate recurring revenues

How to build a 100 song, 1,000 song or even 10,000 song catalog? Sounds like a lifetime of work. No doubt it is a long game but any artist or songwriter can do it and Indiehitmaker can help. Join IHM as a Dropkick Smart Artist and during the complimentary kickoff session, we will give you insider tips and tricks on how to build a 100+ song music catalog faster – even provide songwriting assistance. We’ll work with you every step of the way to assure our free streaming promotions will generate you the income you need to sustain living costs and/or further build your momentum to achieve your dreams.

Best part is, to take advantage of our Free Streaming Promotions you do not need 100 songs to get started. IHM will gladly license your existing music while we help you build your music catalog.

Join IHM as a dropkick artist here and make your music catalog count starting today.

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