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From The Road: IHM Aritsts at SXSW 2014

Posted By : Tom White, Posted On : March 28, 2014

Here at IHM, there are 2 great things about March:

  1. Spring Weather
  2. SXSW Returns

For those that might not know, SXSW is a 3 week movie, technology and music conference/festival in Austin, Texas and is one of the largest in the country. Although this year was marked by senseless tragedy, it is still an exceptionally viable opportunity for indie artists to network with industry folk, enjoy good times, partake in (practically) free booze and gain new fans.  Plus, a great set can get you invaluable media coverage.

We reached out to our IHM fam that had business down there and here’s their experience.


Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes





Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 6.34.57 PM.png

With 4 venue shows, 2 house parties and 2 live session tapings on the docket, DE&TGL had a very productive week.

Sound Marquis.jpg

Their highlight for the week was performing on the Soundcloud stage

Soundcloud sign.jpg

soundcloud stage.jpg

Soundcloud took over the Lustre Pearl for the whole week and hosted daily and nightly parties and performances

jam in the van.jpg

They also had the opportunity to have some sessions with AltarTV and Jam In The Van (Pictured). Footage coming soon!


Hydra Melody






Band Shot.jpg

Hydra Melody had a lot going on as well. They share their experience:

“So we had an incredible week at SXSW last week. We played 6 showcases that were all packed with fans and industry executives. One thing we’ve learned from years past is you never show up to SXSW thinking you’re gonna play in front of a ton of people every showcase you have. Last year we play 6 showcases and only 2 were pretty badass. This year we played 6 showcase and every venue was at capacity with fans screaming our lyrics back at us!”

crowd shot.jpg

“We thought some nights were packed just because of how popular the festival is but for example we played at Thirsty Nickel on Thursday night and the room was half as empty for the band before us and after us and the band after us had an executive from Atlantic there that had just missed Hydra Melody kill it! Bottom line is whether it’s SXSW, CMJ, or Driven Music Conference you have to bust your ass and make yourself known and it’s always the band/artist job to get people in front of them.”

Lead singer.jpg


Sade Serena





sade serena.jpg

“My SXSW experience was AMAZING! The giant mass of people reminded me much of Times Square. I got the privilege to watch a smorgasbord of my favorite entertainers .”

Sade on stage 3.jpg

itunes festival 1.jpg

“One of my highlights was iTunes Festival Featuring PitBull , ZeDD and so many more. Various artists coming together for SXSW was invigorating. I had a blast and I’ll never forget it!”Itunes festival 2.jpg


Sky Colette









Sky shares her thoughts “I loved my experience! There were people from all over the country and all over the world at SXSW! I performed at the Lodge around 3:30 p.m. The people over the event kept raving about my voice and how professionally dressed I was!”


Koolant Brown




Reverb Nation

Koolant Brown’s team recaps their experience:

“Koolant Brown came to SXSW and conquered! This established artist “Koolant Brown” has been a lead singer for over 6 years for the famous Wailers. Bob Marley would be proud to have him singing his famous songs. Koolant Brown has a list of his own songs that he introduced to the public during the SXSW. During the SXSW, KB was able to perform 5 sets at Club 512. The performance at SXSW started upstairs in Club 512 on Sunday 03/16. He was asked to do 4 more additional sets on the ground floor.”

sxsw 512sxsw 512 venue

sxsw koolant 3*

sxsw koolant 2*

Koolant hanging with fans from London


 sxsw koolant 1*
Young and Reckless supplies Koolant Brown with gear

Thanks to all of IHM artists that shared their experiences. For those looking to add SXSW and other music festivals/conferences to their travel schedule, be warned that to get the most out of your trip, (typically you’ll be looking at spending $1,000+ for food tickets, hotel, travel, etc) you need to have a plan going in. We gotcha covered though, be sure to check out Road Tips #3 Music Conferences – A Direct Route To The Industry from last year to help build your plan. Events like SXSW have grown enough to have plenty of unofficial events you can attend without credentials (make sure you rearch where you need to RSVP), but make sure to go ahead and bookmark the SXSW website to buy tickets (the walk up cost is $795) and see dates for event registration. Safe travels everyone.

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