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#FromTheRoad 3: Bop Boyz

Posted By : Tom White, Posted On : July 23, 2014

#fromtheroad is an interview series featuring indiehitmaker artists. In this edition, we had the opportunity to talk briefly to Bonkers of Bop Boyz, who had great charting success a couple months ago with their single “Get F*cked Up” and their most recent album “We Created A Monster” has been able to stay on the charts for the past two weeks on the Billboard Heatseekers East North Chart (was ranked at ).  


1. How long did it take working as a group before you were able perform outside your of hometown and also to set up your first tour?

We only spent about 6 months as a group before we hit the road and start performing outside our city, but we were getting on shows with bigger acts at first to build our base – then we started headlining.                                                                                                                               

2. Any advice for artists looking to do their first tour?

Any artist looking to go on their first tour i would say get a budget together more bout 5 months before hitting the road and put any spare money in a aside for tour. Once you have cities confirmed, find people in them cities thru social media and build relationships so they will come to the show, be willing to lose more money then you make on some stops, when you get to the city have merchandise and be willing to give some away for free.  Live on a budget meaning dollar menu, 40 dollar motels, and no wasting gas. RECORD EVERY SHOW AND TAKE PICS..


3. Hip hop fans have an unfortunate stigma of quick to download, slow to buy. How did you build a fan base that buys your music?

How we built our fan base was a simple strategy: Touring, having great customer service and giving away free stuff.  Customer service meaning talk to everyone and answer every question rather it be in person or on your social media site. Many acts don’t stay up on this, treat every person you encounter like they are gold smile give them a free cd and take a pic anything to make them say you are a down to earth singer, group or whatever.  Get your name seen everywhere run campaigns online to advertise like facebook promo, SEO, twitter promo, etc.  When you give away enough free music you build respect to where they say “I’m a buy this.”

Bop Boyz Fans1

4. I’ve noticed in your social media, you guys have a decent sized Juggalo fan base. How did you tap in? 

It’s crazy cause couple of the first shows we did we bought into and it was with established indie artist who already had juggalo fan base so while at the shows we collected emails, facebooks and numbers, then everyone kept saying go to the Gathering (which is the Juggalo music festival) we went and we was adopted.  But we had to collect emails and numbers to get to that point to build a base.  I see so many artist come to the show and not collect info on the people at the show that’s no good, you can’t let them people out the building without a email or number. Follow up with your supporters.                                                                                                                        Bop Boyz fans2                           

5. Any projects or features coming up we should keep an ear out for?

Yes we have a mixtape coming out called Meet Me At Wal-Mart witch will be free for all people it has some collabs of artist we done shows with while on tour.  Then later in the year we will have a ep coming out not titled yet but it’s gone be just over the price of a gallon of gas at maybe like 5 or 6 dollars.  The features for the ep will include people like Lil Wyte, Twisted Insane, and more.


6. What’s the best way to keep up to date on the group?

You can stay in contact with us via:





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