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FYC 60th Grammy Awards + Week 42 IHM Charting Artists

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : October 25, 2017

IHM Billboard Charting Artists For Your consideration: 60th Grammy Awards

The 60th Grammy awards will not take place until January of 2018 but the selection and nomination process is already underway. For Your Consideration(FYC) allows artists of all creeds and levels to ask for ears on their work for Recording Academy members to review and submit those they feel are worthy of recognition. From there, entries are screened, sorted, voted on, and nominated to 78 individual categories. This week, we shine the spotlight on Billboard charting IHM artists that have been submitted for this year’s consideration.

Stephen Edwards – Requiem For My Mother

Up for consideration for Best Musical Film and Best Choral Performance, Requiem For My Mother is the moving story of composer Stephen Edwards and his musical quest to deal with the loss of this mother, who was a noted choral conductor. The film covers the struggles of composing a major work in her honor, and the challenges of getting a choir of almost 200 Americans prepared to perform at a famous festival in Vatican City for a live performance that was broadcast worldwide.

Grant Maloy Smith – Dust Bowl

For consideration for Best Americana Album, three years in the making, Grant Maloy Smith takes you on a trip back through time, to the American Great Plains of the 1930s, where over-farming, combined with a terrible drought that went on year after year, turned lush farmland into a wasteland. Thousands of tons of dirt simply blew away, rising up into terrible “black rollers” that ravaged the hardy people of the Plains. But within the hardship lie stories of love, joy, and the solid backbone of the American rancher and farmer, all told on this epic album.

Art Tawanghar – Buddha Lounge

This Best New Age Album submission spent 13 weeks at the top of Billboard’s New Age chart. “Art Tawanghar is bringing the music of the Middle East to America and blending it with traditional and classical instrumentation in a soothing yet solid way,” says buzzfeed of this work layered with healing frequencies and magical scales.

Syreeta Thompson Trumpetlady – Evolution of a Winner

For consideration for Best Gospel Album, this album is a joyful celebration of soul and brass, from an incredibly accomplished musician. Syreeta Thompson carries a master’s degree in jazz composition and film arranging/scoring, and is a master music educator, and founder/CEO of Mission Music Arts Education. For Thompson, life is filled with opportunities to “infuse the gospel of Jesus of Christ to all mankind and to touch souls with the gift of music.”

Darlene Koldenhoven – Color Me Home

Entered in Best New Age, Best Recording Package, and Best Arrangement: Instruments with Vocals, this album by Grammy-winning vocalist and independent artist Darlene Koldenhoven is creatively engaging, melodic New Age vocal music with an easy pulse and a humanitarian purpose for peace and planet. Color Me Home comes packaged with a 24-page coloring book integrating the lyrics/liner notes with images depicting each song.

Ty Waters – Only Human (Produced by Dawn Elder)

Submitted for Album of the Year, Producer of the Year, Record & Song of the Year, and Best Arrangement Instrumentals and VocalsTy Waters’ debut album is described by NPR as “A powerful message of inspiration and uplift, The song is classic rock with soul, not unlike early Stevie, or mid-career Michael Jackson. Waters’ clear and effortless voice soars throughout.” Thought by many to be the start of an impressive pop career, Producer Dawn Elder says it is “pure joy.”

Rupam Sarmah – Together In Peace

Submitted for Best World Music, Rupam Sarmah’s latest work is focused on uniting people and promoting peace, humanity, and non-violence. <em>Together in Peace</em> includes an International Symphony which was recorded with over 600 tracks and hundreds of live instruments and vocalists over a period of 2 years for this album. Partnered with UNESCO Center for Peace, World Genesis Foundation, Human Rights Org, 100% of album proceeds have and will be put towards charity.

Emcee N.I.C.E – Praise

N.I.C.E. a trailblazer in hip-hop/R&B music has accumulated numerous accolades that include over 30+ professional recordings, platinum, and gold awards, TV shows, and an association with an Academy award. As he forges a new trail in the realm of Gospel, Emcee N.I.C.E. delivers a perspective with his debut album PRAISE, submitted for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album, and Best Contemporary Music Performance/Song, that is insightful and each record speaks to the weary and devote believers that worship alike. N.I.C.E. states that his “album is a celebration of Christ that has a blend of scripture and creative metaphors that will give the listener spiritual food for thought.


Juan Cristiani ft. Melissa B. – Dancing in the Rain

Submitted for Best Music Video, “Dancing in the Rain” is a Pop song inspired by Disney’s music. The animated video, which you can watch here, is focused on how children can teach us with their sensitivity and their imagination. Sometimes society censors or judges them without realizing the damage (frustration) they can cause to their future. The intent of this project is to give a positive message to the entire world that it’s never too late to pursue our dreams!

Melissa B. – Computer Love

Submitted for Best Urban Contemporary Album, Melissa B. channels her inner “Girl-Geek” to create a virtual reality of love on her new album Computer Love.  With a passion for integrating the sounds of today’s technology in her music, Melissa B. pushes the boundaries of connecting with her fans across the internet, and has gained fans from all across the world.

Larkin Poe – Peach

Called “a sister act with staying power” by NPR, Georgia sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell are carrying on the American roots tradition with their own innovative blend of blues, Americana, rock, and beats. Their new album, Peach, submitted for Best Contemporary Blues Album, and lauded by The Guardian as “swaggeringly bad girl bluesy rock,” consists of five original blues rock songs, and five traditional blues covers performed with their own unique take while still giving a gracious nod to the past.

Tyke T. – The Prelude

Memphis-based rapper and head of the Driven by Music brand, Tyke T combines honest lyrics, bold production, and insight garnered from his graduate education in his work, and his latest album, The Prelude, submitted for Best Rap/Sung Performance, Best Rap Album, and Best New Artist, is no different. Listen and learn more here.


IHM Week 42 Charting Artists

Grant Maloy Smith

Grant Maloy Smith hits 14 charts in the second phase of his IHM Momentum Plan by reporting online mail order and digital download sales direct-to-fan as a Dropkick Smart Artist.

Art Tawanghar

Art Tawanghar’s latest release has been #1 on the New Age Album sales for 13 weeks with a total of 14 weeks on six different charts this week using the IHM Momentum Plan.

My Silent Bravery

My Silent Bravery, still riding the wave of their IHM momentum plan, remain on the hot singles sales chart for 11 weeks by reporting sales & streams as a Dropkick Smart artist.

Dennis Sy

Dennis Sy continues to move steadily up the Hot Singles Sales chart, hitting #6 this week.

Syreeta Thompson Trumpetlady

Syreeta Thompson Trumpetlady lands on several charts her fifth week on Billboard using the IHM Dropkick Record Release Plan to help build momentum for her latest title Evolution of a Winner.


Sizzla re-enters the Reggae Chart at #4, this week.

Rupam Sarmah

Rupam Sarmah is #1 on the Heatseekers- Middle Atlantic Chart as well as being on six other Billboard Charts this week using IHM.

Leon & The Peoples

Leon & The Peoples debut on the Hot Singles Sales chart this week using the Dropkick CD artist platform to record live show sales numbers.

Juan Cristiani Ft. Melissa B.

Juan Cristiani ft. Melissa B. – on the Hot Singles Sales Chart at #4 this week by reporting sales through IHM.

G.H. Hat

G.H. Hat stay on the Hot Single Sales and Dance Club Songs charts by reporting online sales direct-to-fan from their official website as a Dropkick Smart artist.

Emcee N.I.C.E

Emcee N.I.C.E debuts on 12 Billboard Charts with new album Praise, along with taking over the Hot Single Sales Chart at #1 for single the “I Got Angels” using the digital sales online direct to fan approach with IHM.  
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