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FYC19: For Your Grammy Consideration 2019

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : October 2, 2019

IHM picks for Grammy FYC19 Includes Bram’s work on #1 Billboard re-imagined version of Eric B. & Rakim’s Follow The Leader for Best Contemporary Instrumental Album

FYC19 Follow The Leader Billboard Number One

#FYC19 – It’s that time of year again for all of our artists, friends, and colleagues who have a title in the running For Your Consideration for the next round of Grammy awards coming in 2020. If you are a Grammy voting member, here is a comprehensive list of all the titles we recommend you check out before voting. The first round of voting, FYC19, which determines who will be nominated to win next year’s Grammy awards closes next Wednesday, October 10, 2019.  We wish the best of luck to all who are in the running, including our President & Founder, Bram, who has producer’s credit for the first title on our list, the re-imagined Follow the Leader, by Hip-Hop Royalty Eric B. & Rakim. We thank you for your consideration and support!

Cover Art Title Artist Category FYC Link
FYC19 5 elements Tao Follow the leader Jonathan Hay, Benny Reid, Mike Smith Best Contemporary Instrumental Album FYC Page
FYC19 5 elements Tao 5 Elements of Tao Jason Campbell and Robin Campbell Best New Age Album FYC Page
FYC19 the dewey decibel system The Dewey Decible System MC Lars and Mega Ran Best Children’s Music Album Listen Here
FYC19 Art Tawanghar Art Tawanghar Buddha Lounge 3 Chill New Age California Best Contemporary Instrumental Album FYC Page
FYC19 Art Tawanghar Art Tawanghar Forbidden Harmonies Lounge World Music Best World Album FYC Page
FYC19 Blue Basso Blue Basso The Charlie Wooton Project Best Contemporary Blues Album FYC Page
Image result for raveis kole into me you see Raveis Kole Into me you see (Here and now) Best American Roots Song Listen Here
FYC19 Just a dream away Just a Dream Away Yara Lapidus Best World Music Album FYC Page
FYC19 Shiva Shiva Ricky Kej Best World Album Watch and Listen Here
Image result for Pauline Frechette and David Campbell jewel box fantasy Pauline Frechette and David Campbell Jewel Box Fantasy Best American Roots Song FYC Page
FYC19 One Little Finger One Little Finger Rupan Sarmah Best World Music Album, Best Arrangement, Instruments and Vocals Listen Here
Image result for fly the coop emi ferguson Fly The Coop Emi Ferguson Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance Best Engineered Album, Classical FYC Page
FYC19 I Reckon I Reckon Grant Maloy Smith Best Country Song FYC Page
FYC19 The Winters The Winters John Burke Best Arrangement (Instrumental/ a capella) Watch and Listen here
FYC19 Heartbeat Heartbeat Nicki Kris Pop Vocal Album Listen here
FYC19 Grayhawk Grayhawk Voice of the Ancestors Best New Age Album FYC Page
FYC19 Sometin bout tomorrow Something bout tomorrow EJ Ouellette Folk Album FYC Page
Image result for waking sleeping maggy EJ Ouellette and Odessa Settles Waking Sleeping Maggy Best Music Video FYC Page
FYC18 Blue Sun Rises Blue Sun Rises Debra Lyn Best Folk Album, Best Engineered Album FYC Page
FYC19 Permission to love Permission to Love Melissa B Best R&B Performance FYC Page
FYC19 Echoes of angels Echoes of Angels Christina Gaudet Best Rock Song, Best Rock Performance FYC Page
FYC19 Ozone Park Ozone Park Hollis Brown Unknown FYC Page
FYC19 uka the songs of johnny mandel Ukamusic featuring Charles Neville and Naomi Louise Warne The songs of Johnny Mandel Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album Listen Here
FYC19 Above and beyond Above and Beyond Flow State Best New Age Album, Best Dance Recording and Album  FYC Page
FYC19 No Country For Odd Men Kiirstin Marilyn No Country for Odd Men Best Pop Solo Performance Listen here
FYC19 When we're going Were we’re Going DAE Best Music Video Listen here
FYC19 Addiction Salvation Addiction Salvation Melanie Tolbert Best American Roots Performance, Best American Roots Song FYC Page
FYC19 Sweet or mean Sweet or Mean Eliza Neals American Roots Performance song and album FYC Page
FYC19 I'll waltz before i go I’ll Waltz Before I Go Lisa Brigantino Best Rock Song: Nowhere At All (Co-written with Felix Pappalardi), Best American Roots Performance: Make Up Your Mind, Best American Roots Song: Esther, Best Folk Album: I’ll Waltz Before I Go FYC Page
FYC19 in our america In Our America! Aaron Nigel Smith Best Reggae Album FYC Page
FYC19 VEN VEN Sean Ardoin Best American Roots Performance: Came Thru Pullin and Kool Rolling, Best Engineered Album: VEN, Best Regional Roots Album: VEN, Best American Roots Song: I’m Not Going to Wait Listen Here
FYC19 Ancient wind Ancient Wind Lullaby TJ Doyle Roots Performance: Ancient Wind and Lullaby Listen Here
FYC19 I.V. Catatonia Eric Alexandrakis I.V. Catatonia Spoken Word FYC Page
FYC19 Lightness of dark The Lightness of Dark Flow Fiona Joy Hawkins Classical Compendium Album, Best New Age Album FYC Page
Image result for a light in the darkness album, lisa sniderman A Light in the Darkness Lisa Sniderman Best Spoken Word Album FYC Page
Image result for move it move it stephanie leavell   Stephanie Leavell   Move It, Move It!   Best Children’s Album Listen Here
  Best of luck to all entrants. Thanks for your consideration #makeitcount #FYC19 #Grammys
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