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Grant Maloy Smith Hits Pay Dirt with IHM Momentum Plan

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : July 11, 2017

Grant Maloy Smith is winning fans, selling music and hitting the charts

Grant Maloy Smith Pub PhotoBorn and raised in the Florida panhandle, Grant Maloy Smith grew up with a wide blend of influences. His favorite, The Beatles and whatever bluegrass music was flowing down from Kentucky. Though he started his musical career with a certain rock ‘n roll bent, Grant made the shift to American roots with his album Yellow Trailer in 2013. Grant Maloy Smith Dust Bowl Press KitLast year, Grant Maloy Smith set out to make a concept album. Following a collection of stories set within the great ecological disaster of the 1930’s known as the Dust Bowl, Grant tells us the story of one particularly meaningful song, Isht a Lhampko, which means ‘have strength’ in the Choctaw language. It tells the story of the Choctaw First Nations people who shouldn’t have even been affected by the dust bowl, but were forced there by the American government. Grant contacted the Choctaw Cultural Center before writing a single note to make sure his song told the true story.

When it came time to promote the Dust Bowl, Grant found Art Tawanghar founder of, through the Recording Academy as a voting member of the Grammys. Art, an artist himself and SEO expert, took what he learned working for companies like Sony, Samsung and Intuit and applied it to developing online brands for artists.

“Today’s world is so different from the way it was years ago… If you want to be a serious artist, you have to be on the internet,” Grant Maloy Smith explains, “It’s not enough to just put up a lousy website, you have to be involved.”

Indiehitmaker and have been working together for years helping artists build momentum such as past success stories Shakila, Chuck Murphy and even Art Tawanghar himself. This is why Grant was eager to work with Art whom he calls a “digital marketing genius.” After a drastic re-tune of the website and fixing SEO issues to maximize the Grant Maloy Smith online brand, there has been a 500% to 1,500% uptick in traffic in the just first couple weeks. With an engaged fan base and increased traffic to his website and sales landing page, sales and streams are up. Indiehitmaker put Grant on over 12 Billboard charts including #2 Heatseekers Album and breaking into the Top Current Albums in his third week on the charts. Grant Maloy Smith hits 12 charts in his third week on Billboard

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