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Grow your Spotify footprint with monthly Spotify promotions

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : May 22, 2019

Artists can grow their Spotify footprint to maximize exposure with IHM Spotify promotions

One advantage that Spotify has over its competitors is its personalized playlists. Spotify gifts its 75 million users with a few personalized 30 song playlists weekly and their daily mix playlists are updated daily.  These playlists are compiled by a complex algorithm. To put your music in the right ears, we push your release to the appropriate audience and leverage the algorithmic odds.

Spotify promotions grow your Spotify footprint

Spotify creates a profile about each user which classifies their individual taste in music and then is grouped into clusters of artists and micro-genres.  The technology of a company that Spotify acquired in 2014, Echo Nest, learns about emerging genres by having machines read music sites and analyzes how artists are described.  Getting into as many relative playlists as possible is an important part of the algorithm because user listening habits are factored into what music is suggested for other like-minded users. Spotify adores when like-minded listeners share and save your music to other listeners with the same musical DNA.  Your odds of long term organic growth are enhanced because our promotions take all of these factors into account.

The artist “Radio Station” feature is an aggregation of your music along with your Related Artists. Your potential reach is greater when your Related Artists have many monthly listeners. Spotify’s Discover Weekly selections are based heavily around other playlists across the platform, no matter how many followers these playlists have. Our promotions get your music in the proper genre-specific playlists to increase your monthly listeners.

We use data that Spotify has been gathering from music blogs and review sites from the past few years, to predict trends and help identify an artistʼs potential fanbase.  They cull out the most talked about new artists whose songs are usually not even available on the platform yet.

Spotify promotions is focused on playlist seeding and targeted fans. We use our influencers to get your music onto playlists that have growing amounts of followers and interactions. We also get you targeted fans who are genuinely interested in your music available now and your new releases.

Available packages have been reworked since our first release of this program in January for affordability purposes and are just as effective as before.

 Spotify promotions offerings

Take advantage of our Spotify promotions offers and experience the benefits to #makeitcount. Learn more about everything else IHM can do for you at

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