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IHM Artists Chart All Over Billboard Single & Album Charts

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : July 28, 2015

This week, we are proud to announce two IHM artists appearing on a total of five charts. Congratulations Mikey360 for debuting on Heatseekers, R&B Albums, Independent Albums and the Heatseekers Mountain charts. While artist The Sixth Generation continues to dominate with their online web mail order sales keeping them high up on the Hot Singles Chart.

Mikey360 is back!

Mikey360 released his follow up record Reckless Emotions 2 last week to huge support in his hometown of Phoenix. With four shows around the greater metropolitan area, Mikey360 proves a strong fan base, solid live performance and reporting your venue sales is all you need to get on the Billboard charts.


The Sixth Generation week 4 on the charts:

The Sixth Generation are staying on the charts and they have not been on tour. In fact, they haven’t played a live show in weeks. If your strategy is to sell music and advance your career, do not overlook the power of digital marketing. As this IHM artist has proven, there is money to be made online and sales to count towards your success.

If you are selling your music online through your own website or online store, you too can make these sales count on Soundscan and Billboard. Work with one of our experts to learn how or join our mailing list and read the full interview with the band as they explain how they are staying on the charts.

Start reporting your venue and online sales for one low cost, join IHM now and make every sale count.

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