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IHM #RoadTips Vol. 15: Guest Blog Steve Palfreyman

Posted By : Tom White, Posted On : May 30, 2014

Get Your Music Heard by More Fans, Industry & Media:

Introducing The 5 Step Twitter Acceleration System



This volume of #RoadTips was written by our friend Steve Palfreyman of


Step 1

Create Your Goal Setting Strategy

 We’re talking Twitter here; what I believe is the cheapest and most effective social media platform to grow your online fan base. Just look at the 42,000+ fans I’ve attracted to just 17 different Twitter accounts in short campaigns that typically lasted 1 – 3 months.

 The first thing I want to be really clear with is that we’re not here today to discuss numbers. You should be interested in how to interest & excite your existing fan base as well as the ones that you will soon be growing.

 Our first step to making a great Twitter Marketing Campaign is to identify your goals & understand the relevance of the channel.

 Twitter is great for bands for two reasons.

 Firstly, this platform contains an enormous amount of active users all over the world.

Secondly, you can connect with a new & relevant human being with just one click.

 Let’s look at how you can quickly gain clarity on the what & why of Twitter.

 Ask Yourself Right Now:

•   What do I want to achieve online?

•   What am I looking to get out of Twitter?

•   How will I know I’ve achieved my short term goals?

 The key is to ensure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant & Time-Bound (SMART Goals). With focused & clear goals you will be setting yourself up to get what you want out of your online promotion; especially on Twitter.

 By having an understanding of why you’re focusing on this platform you’ll be setting yourself up for the results that you’re looking for.

 Action Step 1:

Understand why you’re on a particular social media channel, what you’re aiming to achieve on there and how you can get the most value from your time spent.

 P.S. It may seem basic, but skip this step at your own peril.

 Step 2

Create Your Content Strategy

Why should someone care about your music?

It’s not up to you to tell them why.

It’s up to you to show them why; by creating engaging content that your audience actually wants to see.

Take a moment now to look at a few of your favorite band’s Twitter profiles.

Not every band is harnessing the power of Twitter, but there are acts out there that create, connect & engage with their audience in a way that doesn’t simply inform, but grows a tribe of passionate fans.

Ask Yourself Right Now:

•   Who is your audience?

•   What do they want to see online?

•   What would drive them to take an action?

•   How can you create and deliver them content that will excite and entice?

Your goal should be to create enough engagement through your content that your fan wants to take an action, such as a retweet.

Once you’ve defined some new & exciting content for your audience you should look at how you can maintain consistency.

After all, what’s the point of spending a few days working on some brilliant studio video clips that showcase who you are as a band if your audience isn’t expecting it?

Even worse is if you excite them once but are unable to keep delivering.

Consistency is key online and the best thing you can do is not just to have a heap of great content but to look at what should be posted when for best results.

The simplest way to ensure your content is constant and spread evenly is to plan it out in a calendar. It can be as simple as handwritten or try a spreadsheet. Keep it simple and easy to add to.

Action Step 2

Create a content calendar and make sure you have one core content goal each week to work towards; ensure all your content works towards each weekly or end of month goal.

 Step 3

Create Your Engagement Strategy

If we compare your online interaction to a live performance, your content is your overall live set & the engagement is your crowd banter.

Yep, that little part that seems so easy yet so elusive to perfect. I’d like to give you a few simple strategies you can do today to start engaging with your fan base more effectively.

Ask Yourself Right Now:

•   What type of person is my ideal fan?

•   What do they really want to see or hear?

•   How can I make them feel a part of my journey?


The first step to creating an effective engagement strategy is to find your voice. I’m talking about more than just the way speak or what you talk about. Deeper than this are your values, beliefs and even your dreams.

 The drive behind why you’re working towards building a career in music.

 I want you to think about your journey as an artist and why you’re trying to share this with others.

 Finding your voice isn’t easy, it’ll develop over time. If you’re a solo artist then your job is a little simpler because you know who you are. As a band it takes a little more time to gather a collective voice.

The important thing to remember is pick your tone and content to reflect the bigger picture of the artist you want to be.

Your band is a brand and your voice is what will communicate who you are, what you care about and most importantly, why other people should listen to you.

The next thing I want you to think about is to stop preaching & start enticing.

I see this as the me, me, me syndrome. We’ve been taught many bad habits over the years from awful marketing tactics. You’ve been so conditioned to preaching marketers that you instantly feel a little off when approached by a salesperson.

If all you’re posting about online is your next show or new single to buy, you’re becoming what you dislike. Sending automated messages or even numerous text messages to friends is the same thing.

Fundamentally you’re being clever – being ‘top of mind’ is a great goal to have as an artist.

It’s when it becomes in-genuine that you accidentally lump yourselves into the sleazy marketer category.

Sure, you might get an extra 5 or 10 people along to your show tonight. But how are they going to feel about your next gig? Not to mention the one after that.

Your job is to entice people through engagement; give them a reason to turn up. You’re a creative person, you can come up with new ways to make your next big thing enticing to people.

Remember this; if you have to push your friends into coming to a show, how do you think the industry and media are going to feel about coming along?

You would smell these tactics a mile away and so do they.

How often do you feel under appreciated by that friend who has insisted you come along to their gig only to be left out in the cold?

Finally, do not forget the power of Thank You. A simple yet highly effective way to make sure that your audience feels appreciated.

Action Step 3:

Brainstorm with your band reasons why you like to go to see live music. Think about some ways you can show your appreciation to your friends and fans. Other bands, fans, venue owners, everyone should feel like you care about them. If you can pull this off you’re on your way to not simply mastering a career in music but your experience in your entire life.

Step 4

Create Your Fan Building Strategy

You need a strategy to build your fans. Otherwise what’s the point?

Yes engaging with current fans is important now and into the future, but in order to sustain a career in music you need to be actively growing a fan base.

Content & engagement are the keys to maintaining your hype, but driving traffic to your website or social media profiles  is key.

Ask yourself right now:

•   How can I can get my band in front of new, active & relevant fans right now?

•   Where is my target audience spending their time?

•   What will help them to travel to where I’m focusing my attention?

A fan building strategy isn’t a difficult thing to create either. A simple free offering is a great way to entice new fans and show that you’re ready to give not just take.

The great thing about Twitter is it’s the easiest way to get yourself in front of new and relevant people in an instant.

Following some new relevant users who are already fans of similar artists is a great place to start.

Engaging them in competitions, encouraging retweets with a particular hashtag relevant to your current promotions also helps.

The key thing to remember is you need to have something new and exclusive to offer them on whichever platform you’re helping them travel to.

Important note: buying followers, installing ‘bots’ that automate your twitter or anything else nasty and inhuman is a sure fire way to not only upset your current fans but destroy the effectiveness of your campaign.

Only ever define a strategy that is actively seeking out real, active and relevant users – you need the human touch. Only ever do what you would expect from your favorite artists.

On Twitter you can target people from particular areas, who are already engaging with likeminded people, brand & bands. Once you know who these people are and what they want you can define a way to entice them to travel to your page.

Action Step:

The simplest way to grow an audience on Twitter is by following and engaging with relevant active users each day. Choose some other Twitter accounts that would have your ideal fan base and start following users who seem appealing. Follow this up with genuine conversation and you’ll be sure to create new fans.

Step 5

Create Your Improvement Strategy

Remember in the first step we defined some goals? Having something to work towards is vital; however, completely useless if you have no way of knowing if you achieved them or not.

Aiming for a certain amount of growth each month is a good place to start but you also want to have a way to analyse more than that. The important things are measuring things like how engaged your users are and what sort of content performs well. You want to be able to know which competitions are getting you more traction and where in the world your most active fans are.

Ask Yourself Right Now:

•   What are the biggest things I think I need to improve?

•   How can I figure out what needs to change?

•   How can I ensure that we keep track and consistently perform better?

Don’t worry, it’s a really simple thing to do. I’ll happily let you know right now that I’m not particularly tech savvy; I’m not doing any analysis that anybody else can’t learn to do – in fact all the people I work with, as well as my band members, all learn to run these simples analysis that I’m about to share with you.

Choosing the right tools is the first step. Social media is big business; not only are there thousands of platforms you’ve never even heard of, there are always too many tools to count to aid you in your channel conquest.

A great tool for scheduling content and maintaining consistency is Buffer. My favorite platform for managing every aspect of your social media campaigns is Sprout Social. Finally, ManageFlitter is incredibly useful for growing an audience and keeping your account as lean as possible.

 Action Step 5:

Define a few key metrics to keep an eye on and look at how you can improve them. For example your number of followers isn’t as important as retweets. Find out what people like and keep giving it to them. If you can give them more of what you want you’ll be exposed to more new people organically and will grow your fan base over all.

Final Thoughts

There’s so much out there now about creating a social media strategy but I want to pull it all into three simple rules.

 Your first job is to create what you love. Your second goal must be to find a way to give it to people in a way that aligns with what they want. Finally, connect these two together with the following aim: Build your relationships.

 About Steve Palfreyman

Steve works with musicians and creative professionals who want to turn their passion into their career. Through tailored marketing strategies he helps them to grow their network & fan base so that they can become more attractive to industry & media, growing their career in what they love most.

 If you’d like to contact Steve, you can reach out to him via Twitter and Facebook.


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