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Posted By : IHM, Posted On : April 14, 2010

Booking & Touring Success
Strategies & Secrets Online Course


The time is right to help you have greater success booking your tours with new strategies for these challenging times.   There is no other online course we know of like this one:


Booking & Touring Success Strategies & Secrets Online Course

The course is set up so you can listen and study all 5 modules and the 2
bonus classes at your own pace and at yourconvenience. Now you will have the convenience
of listening to all the material when you have time, no matter where you are.


Driving to a gig is a great time to take in some new ideas. Now you will have
the tools at your fingertips.


And, the author has priced the entire 12 hours of audio in 5 modules and 2 bonus classes
at only $197, but check out the discount for Indie Hitmaker.

Again, that’s a value of ($2,364.00 if you were to consult with Jeri G. by the hour.)


This 5 module online course will:


Ø Make you a better Negotiator

Ø Help you plan tours that make money

Ø Teach you the strategies Agents
use to book better tours

Ø Familiarize you with contract clauses
that can make you money

Ø Develop planning & routing templates
to maximize the number of gigs, increase
your media coverage and grow your
audience each tour

Ø Create booking habits that make it
easier to get return bookings


And that’s just for starters…


“I can’t wait to share the strategies that I’ve packed into these 5 Modules and 2 Bonus classes.” – Jeri G.


Briefly, here are some of the details:


Booking & Touring

Success Strategies & Secrets

Online Course

Listen on the course webpage or download and
listen on the way to your gigs.”


Module 1: Tour Goals & Planning Strategies

Module 2: Routing Your Tours

Module 3: Negotiation Techniques & Contracts

Module 4: Working with Presenters, Bookers, Promoters/Advancing the Gig

Module 5: Targeting Your Markets for Maximum Audiences

Bonus #1: Website Maximizer

Bonus #2: Copywriting

Bonus #3: 3 Months Free- Biz Booster Mentor Interview Series

Bonus #4: weekly Call-in Office Hours-to speak with me directly


It’s all about helping you boost your bookings
to create more profitable tours and sell
more merchandise. When you put these
techniques to use in your everyday business,
you’ll shave years off your learning curve
and make more money, sooner.


To find out more about the course,

listen to the testimonials from people

who completed online course,

check out:
Booking & Touring

Success Strategies & Secrets

If you know someone who may benefit
from this course, or if you are trying to
train your own in-house agent—this course
will maximize their effectiveness for your
business in record time—Then, pass this email
along to them so they may also sign up.


I really am looking forward to working with
you to help you learn the Booking & Touring

Success Strategies & Secrets

so that you too, may book better gigs,
for more money and reach your touring and
career goals.



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