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Leave a lasting impression on your fans by maintaining a connection

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : April 21, 2020

Leave A Lasting Impression On Your Fans By Staying Connected: How to do it and Why it’s Worth the Effort

Lasting Impression

Thank goodness the technology that we use to maintain and enhance relationships with each other is available during this unprecedented time. While people are doing their civil duty by social distancing, some may be realizing how much they appreciate those who impact their lives in a positive way or provide entertainment. Take this opportunity to show your fans just how much you and your music can impact their lives during quarantine to leave a lasting impression.

How to do it

lasting impression

Bringing a live-streamed performance to the comfort of their own homes is a simple way to still provide the gift of live-streamed music to your audience without them having to leave their couch. Try platforms such as Stageit.comFacebook liveInstagram liveTwitter live, Twitch, Zoom, or anywhere virtually that your audience hangs out. Simply broadcast from your rehearsal space or bedroom.  Check out what John Legend did from his home. For even more inspiration, check out this list of concerts recommended by Billboard.

If you are able to, streaming a charity concert is also an option. If you want to go the route of donating all proceeds to charities that support COVID-19 relief efforts, then you won’t see profits benefiting you directly yet. But here is the benefit, it will pull on people’s heartstrings. One of the things that this virus is showing the world is how to come together (by staying apart) and conquer a single mission. Doing a show like this will undoubtedly pay off when it comes to how your fans perceive who you are and your dedication to making a difference in the lives of others.

This is also a great time to drum up merch/ music sales. Get creative and wear a new piece of merch in your virtual concert that everyone will want to buy.

Another suggestion is to start a podcast. According to an article published by Nielsen in February, “The total podcast audience is growing at a compound average growth rate of 20%.

This is a great chance for your listeners to bond with you over topics other than just your music and they are simple to set up. Check out some tips on this website.

Why it’s worth your effort to build a lasting impression on your fans

Lasting Impression

Your audience will surely remember how you chose to market yourself during the pandemic. As a musician, you are your own brand. Think of how it makes you feel when you are receiving emails from companies begging you to buy their products while their company is having a financial crisis. Think of how you feel when you see advertisements on social media and during TV programs that seem to ignore the current situation affecting the world.

Does it seem that they are considering the possible financial state that you are in and that by using this time to not shift the focus of their marketing efforts their reputation will tarnish? NO. Put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Focus primarily on making your concert a remedy for social distancing and consider making a virtual ‘tip jar’ so that they can donate if they feel so inclined. Post a link to the ‘jar’ with your live-streamed performance, in your bio on your social media pages, and personal website. If you choose to use Facebook Live, you can opt to set up an easy to use donate button. Setting up one through Pay-Pal or Ko-Fi are both simple options.

Each one of the suggestions mentioned above will help your audience understand better not just who you are as a performer but also as a member of the human race. That tip jar will have a much better chance of getting filled if your audience feels compelled to help you out. Be that someone they can look to for music and a connection in a time of uncertainty. Be that musician that your audience is certain that they can go to for some solace.

How IHM can help

lasting impression

We will be continuing to post blogs to help you navigate how to keep your career and reputation afloat on the rocky waters of these days. Our goal during this time (as well as every day) is to help you continue to build momentum. If you already had a digital marketing campaign set in place that needs a few adjustments to reflect the times, our Digital Music Marketing: Build your Momentum service can help you re-craft it or make a new one. Know that IHM wants to share everything we know about solidifying a strong relationship with your audience. Get started by joining IHM here, or if already with us, email or call (877) 994-6446 to see how we can help keep your momentum going in the right direction during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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