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IHM Makes Your Live Music Production Count

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : December 19, 2018

Find out how indiehitmaker can refine your live music production in an era dominated by streaming

carnival live music production workshop

Billboard, like us, strives to stay on top of the changing music and recording industry, and they’ve recently written this article on how, with today’s streaming based market, new artists can become very popular without having any touring or live performance experience. Companies like Atlantic Records have rushed to sign these prospects, and poured major resources into promotion, live music production, and concert ‘boot camp’ to ensure touring success.

So when it comes time for you to hit the road, what if you don’t have the backing of a major label like Atlantic? If you’re looking to perfect your live show to keep fans coming back and create new ones all the time? Indiehitmaker might just have the thing for you.

IHM’s live music production services have been held to great acclaim by artists like Arielle, and Carnival Cruise Line. Carnival has recently partnered with us specifically to provide top class workshops for the performing artists in their employ.

arielle live music production services

“I was more prepared than anyone else on the tour because I did the homework and had Bram and IHM to support me. It’s easy to forget the live performance element and now people ask me all the time if they should work with a performance on coach on their live show and I’m like ‘um yes,’ I’m never gonna go on a tour without working with Bram again.” -IHM Artist Arielle

IHM can work with you and reveal insights about creating moments in your show, and structure a set list designed to enhance those moments. Our live services are all about working with you, understanding what you want to convey to your audience, and finding the best way to make that happen in your live show.

Check out our live music production services here, or contact us to learn more about how IHM can help you #MakeItCount on stage.

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