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Music Gateway Kickstarter Campaign + Four IHM Artists Chart #1

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : September 13, 2017

Music Gateway Kickstarter Campaign Empowers Creativeness

music gateway kickstarter campaign empowering creatives

Previously, we helped Music Gateway announce their ACM Scholarship, and currently, we’re taking the time to help promote their kickstarter. The Music Gateway Kickstarter Campaign will fuel the 2.0 launch of their website, unveiling loads of new tools along with their very first mobile app which is now available for download.

“Music Gateway Kickstarter Campaign is a mission to develop the first 360 solution for creative people on the go. Our goal, is to help you achieve your goals.”

Music Gateway is a B2B platform that creates a new ecosystem where artists and creatives can connect with music industry professionals and work directly with them to find new paths to success. They want to create a level playing field for those that can provide what others need and vice versa. Music Gateway wants to change the backbone of the industry for the better with equal opportunities and ground breaking features such as A unique business platform for project management, A&R, collaboration, hiring and securing work.

The Music Gateway Kickstarter campaign ends September 23rd, and features many rewards for backers, starting with the ability to apply for worldwide music publishing, artist management, and record label deals, and working up to free merch, masterclasses, and a chance to beat their CEO at pool.

You can donate here and learn more about Music Gateway here.

WK 36 IHM Charting Artists


The CruxShadows

cruxshadows billboard

The Cruxshadows return to the charts every year when they strategically schedule their latest release with DragonCon in Atlanta and report sales as a Dropkick CD artist. This year they hit both singles and album charts.


iamstylzemusic billboard charts

IamStylezMusic remains at #1 for third week in a row by reporting live show sales as a Dropkick CD artist.

My Silent Bravery

my silent bravery billboard charts

My Silent Bravery remains at #1 for the 5th week on Hot Singles Sales along with multiple weeks on hybrid Rock & Alternative charts using the IHM Momentum Plan.

Art Tawnghar

art tawanghar billboard charts

Art Tawanghar remains at #1 on New Age for 7 weeks as he enters the Emerging Artists chart while also holding strong to 11 charts in total under the IHM Momentum Plan.

Tre Principesse

tre principesse billboard charts

Tre Principesse hit their fifth week on the classical and classical crossover charts by reporting their direct-to-fan sales at live shows.

Murat Ses

murat ses billboard

Murat Ses’ latest release hits two weeks on the Hot Single Sales by reporting online digital music sales direct-to-fan as a Dropkick Smart Artist.

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