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Music Modernization Act and Grammy District Advocacy Day

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : November 6, 2018

Indiehitmaker Celebrates District Advocacy Day and Passing of the Music Modernization Act

bram bessoff music modernization act

This October the Music Modernization Act was signed into United States law. Created to help modernize copyright-related issues for music and audio in order to keep up with evolving technologies, the bill was passed unanimously. Though the musicians spotted at the signing were mostly major label names, the effects of this act extend all the way down to even the smallest independent artists.

music modernization act - our voice is strong, proud and united

District Advocate Day 2018 was an unprecedented success, as recording academy members across the country meet with their local representatives and lawmakers to discuss issues that matter to the music community. This year some thanks were obviously in order. Over 1,500 Recording Academy members, including IHM founder and president Bram Bessoff, met with their reps to celebrate this victory, but also to look ahead to what issues still matter the most.

“Amazing meeting with Field Director Claire Bartlett and District Director Wayne Dodd at the office of Congressman Loudermilk. We discussed the next steps following the Music Modernization Act for creators in Georgia and across the country.” Bram Bessoff, IHM Founder and President

Bram’s tweet commemorating the day was featured on The Recording Academy’s advocacy report, and spoke on the next steps following the MMA, “including better representation in trade agreements, fair payment in royalties, modernization of the copyright office, protection of music creators, and most importantly, funding for the arts for our next generation of musicians and creators.”

muaic modernization act - a vibrant music community benefits everyone in my district

The level of engagement and activism shown by the music and recording community and their elected representatives is truly inspiring, and at IHM we’re always excited and ready to work with independent artists to help you prepare for and take advantage of what comes next.

music modernization act - music creates value in my district

With the new rights and protections for music creators signed into law, there’s never been a better time to partner with Indiehitmaker. If you join Dropkick Smart, you’ll get a free personalized kickoff session where one of our experts can help you build momentum with a streaming and licensing plan just for you. Join now and let IHM help you protect your rights, build your brand, and #MakeItCount

music modernization act - the music i create in my hometown impacts american culture

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