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New Normal Streaming Promotions for Artists Now Available

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : August 30, 2020

New Normal Streaming Promotions for artists

IHM Announces New Normal Streaming Promotions for Artists Living in a Pandemic

New Normal Streaming Promotions are required for all artists looking to keep their stream counts building in this COVID pandemic world. Last year, we released Spotify Growth Plans and Youtube Promotions to help our artists build their momentum. Keeping in mind that most album sales charts have been converted to streaming in 2020, the Covid Pandemic has totally changed the music industry ecosystem and the constant changes from DSPs have caused artists to change the way they promote their music on streaming platforms.  We have updated all our streaming campaigns to better help you build your momentum and consumer behavior profile within the confines of the new normal.

Your consumer behavior profile is made of two main components; the numbers and metrics needed to attract industry attention for credible momentum. 

We work with each artist directly to create and execute the best action plan utilizing any or all of the momentum components; Vision, Audience, Goals, and Budget. Here are the IHM New Normal Streaming Promotions now available to any and all artists whether you are an Indiehitmaker or not:

New Normal Streaming Promotions: Level 1

The plans in level 1 are ideal for artists with smaller budgets and those just getting into the streaming game that wants to run a shorter promotion just on Spotify. We leverage the Spotify algorithm to grow your Spotify imprint while attracting fans to discover your full catalog and trigger monthly listeners. All streams are eligible to receive royalty/publishing payments and all listeners are real; no bots, click farms, or “pay-to-add playlisting.”

Spotify Growth Plan: Micro Networks

These plans allow you to harness the power of boutique playlists to get results with an engaged listener base looking to discover new artists versus larger playlists that cater to popular music. With these plans, you are hiring us to pitch micro-network playlist curators. Each plan runs for 30 days, focuses on 1 song, and monthly listener growth and song saves are estimated to be 3-10% of the stream count. Monthly listener growth and song saves of stream count projections are not guaranteed.

Plan 1 :

  • One Song
  • 25 Playlists
  • Projections: Streams up to 40K/campaign

Plan 2:

  • One Song
  • 50 Playlists
  • Projections: Streams up to 60K/campaign

Plan 3 :

  • One Song
  • 75 Playlists
  • Projections: Streams up to 80K/campaign

Plan 4 :

  • One Song
  • 100 Playlists
  • Projections: Streams up to 100K/campaign

New Normal Streaming Promotions for living in a pandemicSpotify Growth Plan: Branded Playlists

These plans are cost-effective and comply with Spotify’s latest updates to terms of service. You would be hiring us to get your branded playlist embedded on select Blogs, Widgets, Apps, and websites to gain organic exposure. The projected song saves for each plan is avg. 3-10%  (projections are not guaranteed). Each promotion plan creates playlist(s) with up to 2.5 hours of music with 20% relevant and well-known artists in your genre that runs for 30-90 days.

Plan 1 :

  • One artist-curated playlist
  • Streams up to 10,000/mo
  • Monthly Listener Growth up to 7K-8K

Plan 2:

  • Two artist-curated playlists
  • Streams up to 20,000/mo
  • Monthly Listener Growth 14K-16K

Plan 3 :

  • Three artist-curated playlists
  • Streams up to 30,000/mo
  • Monthly Listener Growth 21K-24K

Plan 4 :

  • Four artist-curated playlists
  • Streams up to 40,000/mo
  • Monthly Listener Growth 28K-32K

New Normal Streaming Promotions: Level 2

Ideal for artists with larger budgets who are striving for long term continual momentum and want to chart on Billboard and/or grow their fan bases. They strengthen your artist consumer behavior profile to support charting and industry momentum. We can help you properly flight long term promotion plans based on your budget. Campaigns run until the minimum view numbers are met or exceeded. IHM helps you to properly register albums and tracks so that all streams/views can be reported to Soundscan and are Billboard eligible. The expected ROI on these campaigns is 25-30% or more, including publishing from artists PRO as applicable.

YouTube (Music Video/Art Track) Campaign:

  • 1 Million Views
  • Campaign completes in 7 – 60 days depending on artist consumer behavior profile
  • Worldwide listeners are approximately 50% USA, followed by CA, UK and other countries
  • Views reported to SoundScan and are Billboard eligible (Requires music to be properly registered – IHM helps with title registrations)
  • The campaign does not utilize YouTube Video ads (as these views are not reported to SoundScan)
  • YouTube only reports videos/art tracks that are viewed 1,000 or more times a day per country (US & Canada only)

Google Music, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and Pandora Streaming Campaigns

These promotion campaigns are still in beta, resulting in you being able to help us gather metrics and ROI data. They help you gain exposure to thousands of new listeners, establish global recognition, drive music sales, online presence, and SEO. For those wondering why there are no campaigns for Tidal, they no longer report their streams to Soundscan

New Normal Streaming Promotions for indie artistsArtist Development & Non-Streaming Promotion Campaigns

It is important to diversify your promotions efforts by not focusing solely on one platform, but also implementing other non-streaming momentum building services to increase momentum and ROI. This is crucial for artists looking to break into the bigger Billboard Charts like Hot 100 where radio play is a must & Billboard 200 where generating weekly sales is key. Our non-streaming promo campaigns focus on things such as branding/ content development, website development, social media consulting, SoundScan & BuzzAngle/AlphaData Physical & Digital Media Sales Reporting, and sync licensing procurement.

We do not use cookie-cutter plans. There is no silver bullet to building momentum or a simple follow steps 1, 2, 3. Each artist, their audience, goals, and budget are unique so each of our plans is custom created. Although we offer competitive pricing and try to bring our artists the most affordable promotional and legitimate promotional campaigns in the industry, we do not publish our pricing. For the latest costs or to build a custom campaign that works specifically for you, call 877-994-6446, email or register now and set up your free kick-off session where we will start to build your custom plan for as little as $10. Indie and established artists can use our new normal streaming promotions to #makeitcount in this anything but normal world. Get started now.

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