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Protecting Music Copyrights & IHM Week 37 Charting Artists

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : September 21, 2017

Protecting Music Copyrights: Angela Talks User Agreements, UPC, and ISRC Codes

Protecting music copyrights is passion number one for Angela K Durden, Industry Disruptor and inventor of – an online platform we previously covered designed to help content creators/owners document their intellectual property and keep their music safe. What follows is the first part of our interview with Angela where she talks us through the importance of being thorough when protecting music copyrights.

The Importance Of Being Thorough: Angela Talks Interview Part 1 If I don’t like reading user agreements and other contracts but I can’t afford a lawyer to review them, how can I make sure I don’t get screwed?

Angela K. Durden: Couple of ways. One, get used to reading and get good at finding the loopholes…

IHM: But I don’t like to read…

AKD: Right. Well, you’ll have to pay someone. You might want to try a service like the, I believe they review documents and give you overviews. The price is quite cheap. Second, you can go here, here, here, and here, and —

IHM: But I don’t like to read…

AKD: Yeah, these are short and sweet, and some are videos I’ve put together explaining a bunch of things. And MDC has a YouTube Channel called MDCtv. Lots of videos there to explain concepts about the business.

IHM: What’s the importance of owning my own UPC and ISRC codes?

AKD: The company who has their UPC or ISRC code printed on or embedded in a product is the one that gets the money first. They then pay everybody else.

Owning your UPC and ISRC is a fundamental step in protecting music copyrights – it establishes you as the true owner of your music

– Angela K Durden Founder,

If you have your own UPC and ISRC accounts then you can inform any distributors of those numbers and print on albums and so forth or embed into the metadata for recordings. (Get those UPC here and ISRC here if you live in the U.S.)

Durden is the go-to source for real information about anything that attacks the rights of content creators and how those attacks affect your ability to make money with your songs. She is the author of the popular and hard-hitting “Navigating the New Music Business as a DIY & Indie: Coming Clean with the Down and Dirty.” 

More of our interview with Durden to come.

Week 37 IHM Charting Artists

The Empty Pockets

empty pockets billboard charts

The Empty Pockets return to the charts with two titles in the same week by reporting direct-to-fan presales of their latest release “Voices” that spiked sales of their previous album “Ten Cent Tour” to re-enter the charts using their own momentum plan.

Want to know how they do it, read more here.

Grant Maloy Smith

grant maloy smith billboard charts

Grant Maloy Smith re-enters the Americana/Folk Album Sales, Country Album Sales, and Heatseekers – Northeast using the IHM momentum plan.


iamstylzemusic billboard

IamStylezMusic proves Reggae fans still buy CDs as he remains #1 on Reggae Album four weeks in a row by reporting live show sales as a Dropkick CD artist.

Juan Cristiani

juan christiani billboard

Juan Cristiani ft. Melissa B. debuts at #3 on the Hot Singles Sales chart by reporting direct-to-fan online sales as a Dropkick Smart artist.

Murat Ses

murat ses billboard charts

Murat Ses spends three weeks in a row on Hot Singles Sales reporting direct-to-fan online sales as a Dropkick Smart artist.

My Silent Bravery

my silent bravery billboard charts

My Silent Bravery stays 6 weeks as number one on Hot Single Sales, 3 weeks on Hot Rocks Songs, and 5 weeks on Rock & Alternative Digital Song Sales using the IHM Momentum Plan.

Tre Principesse

tre principesse getting to know you billboard charts

Tre Principesse remain on the classical albums & classical crossover charts for the 6th week by reporting their online mail order sales as a Dropkick CD artist.

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