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Chart from church sales, kickstarter and reading this book

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : August 25, 2015

Gospel Lee hits two charts from church sales

New Soundscan policies make it possible to now report sales from shows at religious venues. Whether you are performing at a church, synagogue or other place of worship, these sales now count as proven by IHM artist Gospel Lee who hit both the Christian Albums & Heatseekers Pacific charts this week by reporting sales from just two live shows. Religious audiences can be expansive and supportive, start reporting sales from your next performance at a place of worship and get on the Billboard charts.


Get your kickstarter & crowdfunding sales to count

Yes, we are proud, along with Gospel Lee 4 IHM artists hit 5 charts in one week. Congrats to The Doubleclicks who debuted on the charts by combining online presales from their kickstarter campaign and release week live show sales. And of course, Mikey360 and We The Ghost return to their charts from playing a few shows this week.

Make your efforts count for more than gas money and hosting fees, report all your sales and get on the Billboard charts. Learn more


Buy this book and speed up your career

If the music industry was a game of chutes and ladders, this book would be that long ladder that moves you up to the top. It’s a quick read with a quintessential glossary that serves as the perfect reference guide while you navigate your way through the new music industry. Do yourself and your career a favor, read this book. Availalbe as Ebook & Paperback


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