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Ryan Star Captures Fans & Money with Stationhead

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : June 15, 2017

Stationhead uses the power of fan engagement to maximize your streaming royalties.

ryan star stationhead app Ryan Star and old friend Jace Kay came up with the idea for a customizable streaming radio station while splitting the bill at dinner. Kay became acutely aware of the disconnect between Star’s success and his bank account. So they started throwing around ideas. Some of Star’s friends, such as musician Stevie Van Zandt, were programming their own Sirius XM radio stations and speaking directly to their fans on a daily basis. Always interested in pirate radio, the two created a way for any artist to broadcast directly from their mobile phone to get more streams and bigger royalty checks.

Ryan Star, founder of Stationhead

“The ecosystem of the industry is, and has been for a while, shifting to revolve around streaming.” Ryan Star explains, “fans are craving a different experience. They want to build relationships with the artist. So I thought, how can I combine all those things in a way that benefits me?”

And so Stationhead was born. An iOS app (currently being developed for Android) that allows any Spotify user to set up their own, personally curated, 24/7, radio station that anyone around the world can tune into, with the bonus of all those listeners counting as individual streams.

Stationhead quickly became an Indiehitmaker featured Dropkick Release Plan partner after the two founders were brought together by a mutual friend in the industry. Soon after, they were featured on a fan engagement and merch panel at Music Biz 2017 where Stationhead was formally announced to the industry.

“Billboard is pushing towards all charts becoming hybrid, meaning sales & streams count more than ever towards climbing the charts”, says Indiehitmaker Founder Bram Bessoff, “It’s one thing to make your sales count, it’s another to make every listen count. Combining our services may just be the best way to make that happen.”

For Ryan Star, the app is perhaps too much fun and sort of addicting, “It really gives you the ability to step into the next arena of fan engagement.” With features like a built in chat room for every station, and the ability to speak over the music at anytime like a real radio DJ, Stationhead is wildly innovative and interactive. Star is optimistic not only about his app, but the future of the industry and Stationhead’s place within it. “I got signed as a musician when Napster came out, so my entrance to the music business was basically ‘you just got here too late, kid’. They weren’t wrong, but I feel this year is the first time we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with streaming.”

“We believe Station head is one of the smartest and most efficient ways to genuinely engage your fans and get paid.” notes Bram “which is why they are one of our featured Dropkick Release Plan Partners.” Join Indiehitmaker today and become a Dropkick artist to make both your sales and streams count.

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