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Your Spotify Momentum Gets a Boost with New Spotify Growth Plans from IHM

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : August 27, 2019

New & Improved Spotify Growth Plans Boost Your Spotify Momentum More Than Ever

your spotify momentum gets a boost with IHM new & improved Spotify Growth

Your Spotify momentum plays a crucial role in your artist development as the industry looks to your Spotify profile to make decisions that can affect your career. As the dynamic of the music industry continues to change one thing is for certain, streaming is at the forefront. Monumental changes can occur faster than ever, especially in the world of streaming, which is why our streaming promotions have evolved as well.

There’s never been a better time to build your Spotify momentum and our new Spotify Growth plans have been improved to make the most of your promotional efforts. According to Tim Ingham’s article, major labels are making massive profits from streaming, however, a newer trend is taking effect and goes to show that there has never been a better time to be an independent artist.

“THE MAJOR LABELS ARE CLOSE TO GENERATING $1M FROM STREAMING EVERY HOUR”, published at on August 6, 2019, “Spotify’s revenues are climbing faster than ever right now – just as the major labels’ monetary streaming growth is starting to slow down.”

Having a Spotify Growth Plan is an invaluable resource when it comes to building your Spotify momentum; in terms of streams, monthly listeners, song saves, and now, our new plans hit the algorithms Spotify uses to add you to their playlists better than ever. These programs act as SEO for Spotify.  It is an ideal way to get ahead of the 40k songs uploaded to Spotify daily and rise above the digital streaming noise.

Our Spotify SEO team monitors and optimizes your campaign daily to get your Spotify momentum growing. Streams are generated by an ad spend, all streams are real, and artists don’t get taken down like similar services who offer more streams for less.

The benefits of a Spotify Growth program include recouping up to 60% in royalty and publishing payments, playlist placement, daily monitoring and optimization, real listeners (no bots or click farms), a Spotify advertising budget, and turnkey service. As always, our new Spotify Growth programs comply with the music platforms terms of service.


Choose from the following New Spotify Growth Plans:


1 week promotion, 1 song, 1 playlist

Projections: 4,900-14,000 streams, 5,000-6,000 increase in monthly listeners, and 200-500 song saves*


2 week promotion, 1 song, 2 playlists

Projections: 9,800- 28,000 streams, 12,500- 15,000 increase in monthly listeners, and 500- 1,200 song saves*


4 week promotion, 1 song, 3 playlists

Projections: 21,000- 60,000 streams, 25,000- 30,000 increase in monthly listeners, and 1,000- 2,500 song saves*

*Projections are based on performance of past campaigns and are not guaranteed.

Start building your Spotify momentum today, campaigns get up and running quickly. Simply call or email for pricing and #makeitcount with our new and improved Spotify Growth Plans.

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