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The Labz brings easy collaboration and a special offer to IHM artists

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : June 20, 2018

“Safe Create, Safe Collaborate, Safe Collection;” The Labz brings groundbreaking collaboration with a special offer for IHM Artists

the labz When Farah Allen and company created The Labz, they were out to solve the various problems that plagued self-publishing musicians and collaborators. “20.5 billion dollars are wasted every year because artists are not doing their songwriting documentation,” Farah Allen explains, “They’re not claiming themselves as the owner so they don’t get paid and they don’t get royalties, which last forever.”

“This is why we created the Labz, a music collaboration platform that helps song creators easily protect their work in real-time. Through Blockchain technology, we publicize your newly created work and make it known to the world.”

The Labz, one of our newest Dropkick partners, aims to integrate documentation while artists focus on what they love to do, write and make music. Consider The Labz a sharing service, “like dropbox, but for creating music specifically,” The Labz allows artists to upload their own tracks, but also create tracks with others. After completing a track, The Labz will verify with the creators their percentage of contribution, and from there, the copyright form is completed automatically.

“The Labz is a music collaboration platform that helps song creators easily protect their work in real-time.”

Fara Allen Founder & CEO, The Labz

The Labz not only watermarks your and lyrics automatically, it gives you the ability to track everywhere your music is being heard. The Labz uses blockchain technology to track your plays and exposure placing them into an easily searchable database for your convenience.

The Labz also presents itself as a marketing tool, allowing artists a platform to easily and safely sell their music for promotional use with IP protection automatically built in.

Best part, The Labz is offering a special discount just for IHM artists. Launching on September 1st, the early adopter price is a flat rate of $60 for a whole year’s service (down from $9.99 a month for 12 months). Sign up now and you’ll not only receive the discounted pre-release price, but also $10 off the yearly price exclusively for IHM members.

You can learn more about The Labz here, and you can sign up for an exclusive IHM member discount using the code found in your IHM release plan. Not yet an IHM artist? Join here for access and receive tons more special offers from our other participating Dropkick Partners.

Indihitmaker Founder Bram Bessoff sits on The Labz advisory board and has been a believer in the company’s  mission from the beginning, “Bram was a great advocate for solving this problem,” says Farah Allen, “He’s stuck with us for years, through all the pivots we’ve made, and we’re very excited about where the company has gone.”

Learn more about our Dropkick 12-Step Release plan here.

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