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Tips To Help You Make Streaming Count

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : May 23, 2018

IHM Has Helped Make Streaming Count for Arielle and Many More… You Can Be Next

Indiehitmaker wants to help make sure you’re getting the most out of your online streams and plays, so this week we have a few tips to help independent artists stay on top and make every stream count towards building your momentum. The first thing you must absolutely do is make sure your music is properly embedded with all metadata especially your ISRC code. For tips read more here. To learn more about best practices for owning and using ISRCs & UPCs, join IHM as a Dropkick artist, everything you need to know is provided in our release plan. Every time someone watches your official song video, or a fan-generated video someone else uploaded featuring your song, if it doesn’t have that ISRC code, Soundscan and BuzzAngle are not picking it up. If you are putting music on the internet, enter all the metadata and make sure it’s properly coded with a registered ISRC before uploading. Not sure what do, IHM can help – we register all of our artists’ music with SoundScan and Buzzangle making sure it is done right and officially entered in their databases. Let us help you, get started here. Arielle builds momentum with streaming Another equally important but lesser known tip is to make sure relevant videos are tagged as music and not entertainment, especially on youtube. If your videos are just tagged with entertainment they are not being reported to Neilsen Soundscan. So make sure you tag all your tracks and videos using ‘music’ as a tag. Otherwise, you’re not giving that song a fighting chance to build momentum or chart on Billboard. Want more tips on tagging your music to enhance your SEO? Read more here. At Indiehitmaker, we can help you create a plan to maximize your streaming impact, just one of many aspects needed to build your momentum. The bottom line is that when a potential fan hears your song and loves it online, they’re going to go seek out more of your work, SEO plays an important role here making sure these new fans make their way from streaming platforms to your official website so you can capture and engage them directly. When you join Indiehitmaker, we not only help make sure your songs are on platforms that make streaming count, but we put the rest of the pieces together to make sure the time and money you spend building a presence online builds the momentum you need to have a successful long-term career that you can control as an independent artist. Check out what we can do for you and sign up here.  

Week 20 IHM Charting Artists

Tyla Yaweh

Tyla Yaweh, signed to Post Malone’s recod label, enters the Rap Digital Songs with his newest single chart by reporting direct-to-fan digital sales online as a Dropkick Smart artist.

Matt Santry

Matt Santry broke onto the Heatseakers Middle Atlantic charts by reporting live venue sales and online presales as a Dropkick Artist.

Smith and Hay

Smith and Hay return to the charts in a big way with their latest release The Woodlham Ball hitting over 16 charts, including number one Heatseekers, and breaking into the Billboard 200 by reporting presales and first week as a Dropkick Smart Artist.

Emcee N.I.C.E

Emcee N.I.C.E remains high on the Soundscan Top 100 Singles chart and  the Billboard Gospel Digital Song Sales chart with his new release by reporting online and mail order sales as a Dropkick Artist. Meanwhile, Alright reenters the Soundscan Top 100 Singles.

Dave Weasel

Indiehitmaker is not just for music artists! Dave Weasel stays at the #3 spot on the Billboard Comedy Albums chart for his 11th week on the charts by reporting online sales of his latest stand up comedy album as a Dropkick Artist.

My Silent Bravery

My Silent Bravery’s newest single stays high on the Rock Digital Songs chart for the 12th week, the Hot Rock Songs chart for the 9th, and the Emerging Artists chart, for the 5th week by reporting direct-to-fan digital sales online as a Dropkick Smart artist.

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