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Unplugged Music Experience 2018 Comes to LA

Posted By : IHM, Posted On : September 4, 2018

“Music is your power, Claim your finish line,” Writing Sessions America presents the Unpluged Music Experience 2018

unplugged music experience 2018

November 1st through 4th in Los Angeles, California will see the 5th annual Unplugged Music Experience conference. The 5th annual conference, and second beyond the boundaries of Atlanta, GA, brought to you by Writing Sessions America, is the biggest yet.

Writing Sessions America, led by music industry veteran Kevin Shine, is a “national singer and songwriters network designed to unite industry professionals with talented writers and/or artists for the purpose of creating a generation of music excellence, building the community, educating our members, and generating business opportunities.”

Kevin Shine has a saying when it comes to marketing music: “Business doesn’t make your music sound good, music brings business to you.”

“We’re teaching artists these days marketing, instead of teaching them how to write music. We need to stop doing that and stop boxing artists into genres because if it’s a great song, it’s universal.”

WSA and the Unplugged Music Experience are about creating mutually beneficial environments by bringing together creatives looking for opportunity and people and companies looking to provide that opportunity.

“Business doesn’t make your music sound good, music brings business to you.” – Kevin Shine, Founder of WSA and Unplugged Music Experience

“With Writing Sessions America, we teach the art of collaboration.” Says founder Kevin Shine, “From creating the song, protecting it, and putting it out, it’s not just the creators involved, it’s also the people behind the scenes. We teach collaboration, which teaches communication, which teaches family.”

The conference focuses on the importance of music first, business always, with participants leaving with knew knowledge of how music translates to busines. Attendees will be able to share their knowledge and experience while attending a wide variety of workshops, panels, networking events, exhibitions, showcases, and more. This year’s theme is “Music Is Your Power. Claim Your Finish Line.”

This year’s conference kicks off with the annual Icon Awards, honoring notable industry veterans, media taste-makers, and award winning-producers, songwriters, and performers. The Icon Awards also partners with a non profit organization, this year, they’ll be partnering with By The People, For The People to encourage our youth to be great and follow their dreams.

For inormation on sponsorship and partner opportunities, you can email Writing Sessions America right here.

At Indiehitmaker, we’re proud to be a partner of Writing Sessions America and the Unplugged Music Experience. We represent the next step in the process for artists, helping them find success. Learn more about our Dropkick Music Release Plan to get started.

Head here to find out how to join WSA and attend the 2018 Unplugged Music Experience conference, including a special discounted rate for students. Annual membership provides you with access to WSA events, consultations, seminars, workshops, and professional opportunities.

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