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Live Music Production Session – On Location

Price:   from $260.00

About Product

Got an important gig, showcase, competition, big tour in your near future or simply want to be great every time you step onstage?
One-on-one Live Music Production sessions in a rehearsal hall with an IHM Performance Coach will make the difference.

It is essential to use a knowledgeable record producer to obtain a truly great recording. The same holds true for your live show – you need a Live Music Production Specialist to help you develop something truly great.

Songwriters understand there are basic rules to follow when writing for radio. But most artists don’t realize there are also rules for putting together a live show. Even fewer artists know the principles to making an emotional connection with an audience. Our performance coaches help you keep audiences engaged and produce moments that create fans and a line at the merch stand.

The same strategies with different tactics can be used for single songs, showcases and short sets when you want to make a great impression with record labels, competition judges, or another artist's crowd. Our performance coaches help you develop the right performance to achieve the desired outcome whether it is to get signed, win a competition or build your fan base and make money playing live.

What are the elements of a great live show? Make it:

  1. Memorable
  2. Unique
  3. Life Changing
  4. A showcase for your strengths and talents
  5. Fun, creative, inspiring, and captivating

How one-on-one Live Music Production Sessions work:

Each session lasts two hours. Expect to work out one moment (usually one song) per session. Artists looking to develop sets should purchase multiple sessions for maximum savings. We recommend up to three sessions in one day (6-8 hours including breaks). Artists with less stage experience may require more time for the performance coach to teach onstage fundamentals while producing a song or creating a moment. Before beginning your session, your performance coach will perform a quick discovery call to learn about your music, goals, and style while providing options to make sure your session yields maximum results while being efficient with time.

What to expect during a session:

  1. Emphasis on Creativity: We'll experiment with lots of ideas to find and develop memorable moments to create killer performances.
  2. Take Risks: One-on-one sessions are a safe way to try and work out new ideas that would be risky in front of a live audience.
  3. Intense and Challenging: Be prepared to work. You will be tired, hands will be sore and egos will be bruised and mended by the end, but you will be inspired and loaded with enough ideas to keep you energized for days.
  4. Career Transforming: Your live show and confidence onstage will be changed forever. You'll understand how to communicate and read your audience at a completely different level. You will learn how to have fun and make every show great no matter the circumstances.
  5. Return on Investment: You'll get your sessions' worth and more when merch sales increase, you receive better paying gigs more often - not to mention the free marketing dollars never spent when word of mouth increases your buzz.

Learning to command the stage is an investment that speeds up careers and increases revenues. You will discover what makes you unique, develop who you are onstage, and learn to use what separates you from other artists to be more successful.

Our Performance Coach will travel to you; or you can come to them. Bring your video camera to record the sessions to review and implement everything that was worked on. Session notes will be provided and follow ups can be booked at anytime.

Please Consider the Following When Booking an On-location Session:

In addition to the booking fee, you will also be responsible for any travel expenses for the Live Music Production Specialist (airfare, out-of-town mileage, food, hotel, etc.). It is also your responsibility to arrange and pay for a rehearsal venue and the sound needs necessary for your session(s).

Refund/Cancellation Policy:

Rescheduling and refund requests will be honored as follows:

Up to 4 weeks prior to your first session, refunds will be given for the full amount, minus a $75 administrative fee. Within the last 4 weeks prior to your first session, refunds will not be given. Rescheduling requests will be honored at no extra charge, subject to availability of the Live Music Production Specialist, provided at least 3 days notice is given. If the Live Music Production Specialist needs to cancel or reschedule your session(s), you will be given the option of 1) a full refund or 2) rescheduling your session(s) subject to their availability. If extra session time is purchased and not needed, refunds or credits will be arranged upon mutual consent.

For pricing on 10 or more sessions, please call 877.994.6446 xt.2

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