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Dropkick Fan Analysis Report

Price:  $375.00

About Product

The first important step to any successful release is knowing who your fans are, where they live and what they like to listen to and buy. Our Fan Analysis Report makes this easy, assuring your release is off to the best start possible. 

Before you do anything, find your fans!

Each fan analysis report begins with a deep dive of your online presence. Simply answer a few critical questions so our Drop Sherpa experts can find:

  • Where your audience lives and hangs out
  • Where new fans consume music online
  • What social media your target audience prefers
  • What playlists they use to discover new music 


Using the latest music data and analytics technologies, we track all your past music & video releases. We then compare you with other similar artists to make recommendations on how to reach and engage the right audience. We find where your current online presence may have gaps and provide strategies and tactics to find missing fans.

Our Drop Sherpas also make recommendations on the latest technologies you can use to engage fans, sell more merch & music and analyze the data to fine tune your direct-to-fan strategies.

Every fan analysis report includes:

  • A clear and concise summary
  • Your catalog of releases to date
  • Current online presence & fan engagement numbers
  • Geographic location of your fans
  • What cities you should market
  • Recommended sites & apps
  • Marketing Tactics
  • Easy-to-follow task list


See for yourself, request a sample Dropkick Fan Analysis Report to review at no cost. Our reports are custom built uniquely for each artist, no two reports are the same. The value comes from our experts putting in the research time to connect your sound, style and genre to an audience that wants to hear & buy your music. Before you ever record a note, complete this important step! Get yours started today.

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