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Live Music Production Testimonials

  • As a Non traditional Artist joining forces with Polyplat records (IHM) has been an AMAZINg journey. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. Bram and his team are easy to communicate with. The (IHM) team are very hands on and are available to answer any questions via email or phone! Dropkick has been a huge life saver while on live performances. I’m able to utilize direct consumer digital downloads. With No hesitation, I highly recommend any serious artist to Polyplat (IHM)! 

    The drop Sherpa sessions are priceless and well worth the investment. I received more information than I ever expected! There’s nothing like self investment! 

    Syreeta Thompson
    Syreeta Thompson Trumpetlady
    New York, New York
  • Bram, tried a few of your tips last weekend in a short 3 song performance. Wow! What a difference in crowd reaction. The two tips in particular where making (and holding) eye contact with individual audience members and being sure to include people in the back of the room. The impact was immediate. Right after my performance I received quite a few compliments from audience members and was able to add some names to my mailing list. And this at a club I never performed in before and in front of an audience who never heard of me before the performance. Thanks man! I can’t wait to try out some of your other tips at future shows.

    Corey Koehler
    Artist & Founder of
    Winona, Minnesota
  • Bram Bessoff has been a panelist and judge at The International Music Conference for 4 consecutive years. We continuously seek him out for his authoritative knowledge on the music industry, particularly artists stage and show performances. Bessoff’s honest and accurate critiquing has enabled our registrants to leave our conference with a much better understanding of themselves as emerging artists and identify the areas that they need to develop as well as the overall direction of their careers. We are proud to have Bram Bessoff and IndieHitmaker as our partners and look forward to another year!

    Julia Huie-Martin
    The International Music Conference
  • When my client from Kansas came to town to open a show for Naughty by Nature, I wanted to hire a performance coach to help perfect his show. Bram has an excellent reputation in Atlanta and I knew I wanted to work with the best.

    Bram got right to work with KeyBoy and his band to develop a top-notch show that helped him connect with the audience and provide the best possible entertainment value for the fans. He was fun to work with yet still professional. His strategies helped KeyBoy make a huge impact on his first show in the Atlanta market. The fans were pumped up and loved the show. Even local blog writers were impressed by the energy and flow of the performance. He even came to the performance in support of KeyBoy.

    I was very impressed by Bram and plan on using him to coach my other clients. I highly recommend taking the time to work with Bram. Your show and fan base will definitely improve. 

    Tracy Morris
    Director of Artist Development, KeyBoy
    10,000 Hours Music-Atlanta
  • An absolute must see experience for pro or novice artist. Something to gain for everyone.

    Lex One
    Wizard Sleeve
  • Thanks so much for your workshop at the International Music Conference. Not only did you give us an informative crash course in how to manipulate and command the stage – you also made us laugh and made it very memorable. I think I speak for most of the crowd when I say having you as a performance coach would probably do any performer the greatest benefit in their craft. I hope to work with you in the coming months to iron out some of the “kinks” before I begin performing. Thanks so much again,

    Marquita Brown
  • I really enjoyed panel discussion at the IMC Music Conference with Bram as one of the panelists. Bram offered priceless advice in regards to proliferating your career as a musician. Before, attending the conference, I did not realize the importance of college radio and performing at colleges/ universities. Bram provided information about organizations, whose sole purpose is to find new talent to perform at college campuses across the country, in addition to fundraising functions. Bram also conducted a workshop in which he summed up key movements as a performer and gave the do’s and dont’s of onstage performances. I am so thankful that I was able to hear Bram’s expertise on the music business from the artist standpoint and with his advice, I have the knowledge and skills to take my career to the next level. I highly encourage anyone to attend a seminar where Bram is a guest speaker- I promise that you will not regret it!

    Luca Lorena
    Lady Luck Presents Dulce Lorena, LLC
  • “How to Make More Money & Fans from Playing Live,” which was presented by Bram Bessoff from Indiehitmaker, was among my favorite workshops at the International Music Conference. After attending this workshop, I gained invaluable knowledge about how to truly connect with my live audience. I believe that I now know how to communicate on a level beyond the words and music, taking our audience on journey and enriching their lives. We have already incorporated Bram’s techniques into our show and we cannot wait for our fans to experience Matrixx of Domination on a higher level. Furthermore, we are looking forward to working with Indiehitmaker on upcoming projects. I have noticed a spirit of excellence from them and that each individual/group is valued like family.

    ChieStine "Chie" Lawrence
    Lead Singer
    Matrixx of Domination
  • From planning to execution, working with Indiehitmaker was a pleasure. The Workshop presented “Get The Most Out Of Your Live Show” was well attended (to the point of standing room only) and the content was extremely relevant to attendees at all levels of their careers. Bram is definitely passionate about his craft and was reflected in his presentation. I look forward to working with Indiehitmaker again in the future.

    Tom White
    Panel & Education Director
    A3C Hip-Hop Festival
  • Indiehitmaker’s Tempo Tuesday session was outstanding! If you are a live performer, the best will be brought out in you. There is no better tool for your toolbox than a live music makeover session with Bram and the Indiehitmaker team! You can quote me on that!

    Peniece LeGall
    Former Director & Writer/Publisher Relations
  • Bram & Indiehitmaker have helped me see performance from a completely different perspective. I have been able to help artists’ live shows improve tremendously and have gained knowledge on how to leverage live shows to push merchandise, get on billboard charts, and most importantly create amazing experiences for fans.

    Patrick "Tune" Adeleye
    Artist Development
  • Indiehitmaker made me realize that a major label deal is not necessary and my artists can garner their own revenue and do everything else a label can do on our own.

    Julian "Ju" Armstrong
    Chess Move Records, LLC

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